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Advantges and Disadvantages of Early Married

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Early marriage is the one of the tradition from our great grandmother generation and now as we all see our generations always practice it in their life. We can see have many early marriage at this time. That means our generation not forget the traditional from their great grandmother. The younger now think they want to be like their great grandmother like marriage until die, life in happier and don’t have many conflicted so they want to life like that. For them early marriage is the one of the solution that can give them life in happier with their partner. They don’t realize that are many advantages and disadvantages in early marriage.
The disadvantages for the early marriage are they will face a lack of understanding. A partner will think they are in love and understanding each other so deeply. But when they are marriage and they get a problem in their marriage they will realize that they have a lack of understanding. How can two individual understanding each other at too young? This is quite difficult for boys and girls get the understanding to fast. The level of understanding only can developed when the boys and girls are too matured to understanding the things and their environment. Everyone have differences maturity stages, sometime late and sometime fast. Usually the boy who is the late matured than girls. When they are marriage they don’t have a time to enjoy with their friends.
Then, when they are marriage they will face a next stage that is become a young parents. Majority of younger are not totally ready to become a parent in young stage. So that will become a problem in their marriage. For some of the people think that become a parents are very happy but they will to face many challenges to hold the responsibility as a parents. They must give a fully time to a family. For the boys, they must have…...

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