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Advantges and Disadvantages of Using Computers

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Nowadays people are using computer in their daily life , it is like a part of our life now . And we have been using computer in Education , Bank , Entertainment , Railway Stations And Airports , Office , Hospitals , Defence And Design . Such as computer are used in school for teaching , Mathematical Calculation , Assignment . In Bank computer are used for storing and giving all kind information , keeping record . Computer are used for playing video games , listening to music , watching movie for Entertainment . Railway Stations And Airport are used computer for help in giving information and keeping records of all passengers. In Office they use computer to sending emails , type and print documents. And in Hospital , Defence And Design , Computer are used for help in keeping records , constructing weapon , design buildings and Magazine , etc. As you can see , we are using computer on a lot of areas . Computer has a lot of advantage but it also has a lot of disadvantage too , So what is the advantages and disadvantages of using computer ? Benefits from using computers are possible because computers have the advantages of Speed , in a single second many of computers process billions or trillions of operation and they travel at incredibly fast speeds . Reliability , in modern computer the electronic components are reliable and dependable because they rarely break or fail . Consistency , given the same input and processes , a computer will produce the same results consistently . Storage , Many computers store enormous amounts of data , transfer data quickly from storage to memory , process it and then store it again for future use . Communications , connect with other people through computer , share information , communicate with family , friends and loved one even when we are live faraway from each other . As you can see these are the advantage of...

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