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Adventure refers to the exciting activity or unusual experience. These experiences are often of daring or risky nature. There are many people whose life is filled up with adventurous experiences.

The definition of Adventure varies from person to person. It is in actually defined as ‘a risky undertaking of unknown outcome’ which means that an adventurer is one who gets a thrill out of exploits, the result of which may also be dangerous or if in favour, then sublime.

Let us consider the options individuals have for adventure, in the modern world, to suit their tastes. To start off with, we can consider sports and its varied disciplines, which are adventurous for sportsmen.

Ballooning is a sport which has a lot of scope for adventure; of course it is only for those who can afford it, being a costly proposition. The element of risk is always there with the change of weather and balloons filled with helium prone to lightning and leaks. One can imagine the thrill of rising high into the sky without the drone of an engine and with the advantage of being able to control the direction. The risk factor also is great like the attempts at crossing the Atlantic where these contraption have fallen into oceans after facing turbulent weather or landed on top of mountains with the occupant not equipped to get down to inhabited areas.

Speed Boating, Car Racing, Buggy Jumping aster all very adventurous sports, enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts, the world over.

There are some people whose live is filled up with Adventure Trips. These includes visiting rare places, trekking, etc. The adventure of trying to climb the highest and steepest of mountains never climbed before.

We have been informed of attempts to jump from the top of the Niagara Falls and jumpers have even lost their lives in such attempts.

The oceans and seas have always been mysterious at depths never reached before where live creatures not yet known to man. Special submersibles, like small heavily reinforced submarines, have now been invented to withstand the tones of water pressure on the ocean bed but these are still at their infant stages.

Adventures are also persons who are interested in exploring the great spaces. Astronauts have the thrill of adventure when flying off to space on top of rockets.

Leaving aside sports, several persons are thrilled by risky financial ventures which are capable of making or breaking them. Adventurers dabble in the Stock Market, in Shares which can shoot up or zoom down without even the experts being able to forecast it. This has become a favorite profession of the entrepreneurs who are interested in growing rich fast and are also ready to take the extreme risks involved in this. However such adventure is only for the brave hearted people and they believe in the age old adage of ‘NO RISK, NO GAIN’.

The lists of adventures are endless and can go on and on.

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