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In this world population grows more and more and the challenges in life suddenly take its toll are these things what we call adversity or is it more than that.It could simply be the lack of money, the lack of good education or the death of a loved a one? The truth is all of them are but in reality neither of these are the real problem they’re simply the cause of the problem. | The real problem is how people deal with these factors.Some people use excuses and live their life the way it started, live their life with that same state of mind, live their life with a burden till death.Some people choose a path that faces these problems and they work hard to change what already there, they become successful with what they’ve done and live the present. | Time and time again it has been proven that when two children are compared one with resilience and one without any in the end one will remain the same and the other will rise to the occasion.You can be poor, be an orphan, be abused but those odds those adversities can be overcome with the right state of mind. | A good example will be Oprah Winfrey she was born to poor family with her mom and dad divorced she had two sisters one whom died of cocaine addiction while the other was adopted until found again just recently during 2010 she also had a brother who died of AIDS related diseases. | Her uncle, cousin and a family friend, also molested Oprah when she was nine.Whilst at school she was bullied for having to wear potato sacks as clothes due to a lack of money.At the age of 14 she was already pregnant however it died from premature birth. | But despite all odds Oprah didn’t excuse herself and back out of life she was inspired by the few people that inspired her one being her father who had high expectations and gave her the drive to be on top and her grandmother who showed her how to be a strong willed person. | She rose to fame from her own T.V show and is now retired at the age of 58 with a net worth of over 290 million dollars and is ranked number 2 as some of the most influential people in Forbes magazine. | One thing that Oprah proved is how she overcame the face of adversity despite all odds and has inspired the future generation through written work, films and philanthropic work. | | |

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