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Advertisement Detection

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TV commercials have a great impact on our lives, and it is also seen that some people like commercials while some do not. It is also seen if one is watching an interesting movie or an interesting football or cricket match, there are some commercials broadcasted along, which causes disturbance while watching the movie or match. Few organizations develop advertisements on TV mostly give responsibility to other companies to check if the TV commercials are really broadcasted as per the contract. L. Agnihotri et al (2003). There are a few organizations that form advertisements and examine on the present advertised commercials and only keep the significant ones. For a user or a viewer he might want to record the movie or a particular program and would prefer a break free one i.e. without any advertisements. There have been set top boxes or software that detect and discard the commercials on the broadcast TV signal.
Study in the field of the advertisement identification is segmented into various manners. It can be dependent on the audio or video information or an amalgamation of both. There are some works by A. G. Hauptmann and M. J. Witbrock (2006) that use the verbatim data achieved from the text streams, or the optical character recognition or speech identification for segmentation. In work proposed by L.-Y. Duan et al (2007) it has been given that using usual features of advertisement blocks like frames and silence amid commercials to identify cuts and categorize commercials dependent on OCR. In this work there have been two varied use cases for the commercial detection 1. Identify broadcast of recognized commercials with large precision something like the use of fingerprinting 2. Identify earlier not known commercials.
Next segmentation is to differentiate amid the methodologies on online instantaneous or offline processing. A few…...

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