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ARRL Icom IC-7100 Advertisement Review

ARRL Icom IC-7100 Advertisement Review
Most magazines will have a limited number of ads that will grab the attention of the reader. The majority of ads will be passed by due to lack of interest or the fact that they do not stand out and beg the attention of the reader. This can be an issue even if they contain something that may be of interest due to the simple fact of being overly informational with a great deal of fine print and lack of a color image that jumps off the page to grab the attention of the reader. The advertisement for the new Icom IC-7100 (QST Magazine 2013) demonstrates clear, simple and eye catching advertisement that stands out from many other ads for equipment and services. Yet it does not over power the reader with too much information, but invites the reader into researching the advertised item further on his or her own by providing a website address and brief list of items that can be accessed through it.
In breaking down the ad it is a full page advertisement conveniently located next to a very busy collage of other ads all with very small print. That does help the Icom advertisement (QST Magazine 2013) stand out. The ad does use a couple images with in it, but the eye is drawn to the main image first that does include the common and patented technology trademark. In big bold letters stating “Creating New Standards for HF Mobiles”(QST Magazine 2013). That further peaks the curiosity of the reader to look more into the advertisement. The fading images near the top give a brief pictorial view of some features that then fade to the background pointing out more capabilities for the reader to investigate. At the top of the page the readers eye are then drawn to the fact that it is a new design and its simplicity. The use of a hand with the index finger extended conveys the concept of simple ease of use at the touch of a finger. The brief list of features in white against a green background really helps in selling the item and provides a brief rundown for simple comparison to other similar products that may be on the mind of the reader.
The market for the advertised item is very limited to Amateur radio operators. That being a niche market the ad is well placed in a periodical that is solely distributed to FCC licensed radio operators, the majority of which are always looking for learning about the latest technology and equipment available for the hobby.
The character of the ad does project the image of a company that is really pushing the edge of technology not only with item advertised, but with the brief list of items and information available through its website as described above including downloadable tools and videos that increase the readers desire to investigate the item further.

(2013) Icom Advertisement. QST Magazine, 97(8), 137

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