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We live in a society with countless expectations associated with it. You must be beautiful, you must be skinny, you must have all the latest gadgets and of course the newest products. What started these phenomena? Advertisers have people wrapped around their fingers when it comes to new products that make your life more efficient. Advertisement companies have strongly emphasized the importance of being beautiful and how to do so. However, every so often these products leave the consumer with unrealistic aspirations. They discover ways to exploit the weaknesses of the consumers by offering superior merchandise to what they currently own. Advertisers have shaped our society with an unrealistic portrayal of an ideal foundation, leaving us defenseless against this regime. There are many definitions of beauty and there should not be one stereotype of how it should be. Commercials have a devious way of altering the societies perception of “beauty”.

Looking natural and healthy was once the ideal portrayal of beauty. The meaning of being “beautiful” today has dramatically changed since our society has been brainwashed by the thousands of industries trying to sell their products. An example of this is the phenomena of looking young. Corporations have made us believe that the only way to truly look beautiful is to be young and flawless. There are millions of skin creams and formulas like Olay and L’Oreal to make your skin “wrinkle free” which will then result in magnificence. These types of companies have a large impact on the society and how they will respond. Along with being wrinkle free, there are many companies advertising models in bikinis showing you how to “lose 20 pounds in a week and become beautiful” this is a fine example of how weight loss advertisements only have one size in mind that is considered beautiful and that is small, being large in no way is…...