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Advertising and Promotions

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tising Task 1
The communication process that applies to advertising and promotion
Task 1.1

Communication is contact between two or more parties, giving information.
The effective use of advertising and promotion is a fundamental requirement for any business seeking to succeed in the modern business world.
Advertising Strategy
An advertising strategy is designed to sell a product. It is a one-way form of communication, from company to consumer, geared toward giving consumers the information necessary to make a purchasing decision. Advertisements tell consumers about the product and how to get it. The purpose of advertising is to sell products and to build brand name.
Promotional Strategy
The promotional strategy is a two-way interaction between company and consumer designed primarily to increase sales, often by attracting new customers. Brand building is a side effect of promotional strategies, but it is not the purpose. Promotional strategies give away something, whether it is free product, money or other awards, as a way to bring in consumers who may not be attracted to the product under normal circumstances.

Marketing Communications & Promotion processes deal with overall communication to customers and markets. Marketing Communications processes develop and manage communications to the market, prospective and existing customers. Communications involves both the message and the media. Marketing Communications can develop a message and manage its delivery through a bill insert, phone communication with customers, a magazine advertisement, or any other appropriate mechanism. Marketing Communications develops and manages interfaces with press/news, e.g., schedules press interviews, manages an editorial calendar to plan placements, etc.

Marketing Promotion on the other hand is the development of specific promotions to sell products, retain…...

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