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Advertising Campaign


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Advertising Campaign
Romesee Davis
Strayer University
Lithonia Campus
Marketing Communications
January 28, 2016

Prepare an overview of the product, its brand category, and the niche that it is intended to fill.
The product I will be promoting are all natural bath essentials, such as, bath soaps, body lotions, candles, and body scrubs. The name of the product is called Jill’s Love. There are a few reasons I named the product after my mother, Jill. One is because I feel my mother’s love is so caring and nurturing and that is what I want my brand to reflect. Secondly, the name Jill is simple and love is simple. Bath essential products are for you to care for your skin deeply and when you are using the product you feel more love for yourself. My product is to get the consumer more in tune with their bodies and skin care naturally. The niche market is target to women ages 14-60 who do not want to spend a fortune for loving their skin. The cost will range from $ 6-$35, which is rather reasonable as opposed of today’s competitors. This may seem as wide demographic age, but I choose this niche market because young ladies from the age of 14 start to care about different fragrances to make themselves feel like ladylike. Ladies from the age of 20-40 focus on their sensuality and pampering themselves after a hard day at work. The ladies from the age of 40-60 want to keep their skin rejuvenated and firm. Imagine this, you wake up in the morning rushing to get the day started with getting two kids off to school with breakfast. Then scurrying to a stressful job (which you should have resigned a while ago). After countless emails and meetings, you get to go home and prepare dinner for your family. After dinner, homework, cleaning and conversing with your spouse, you prepare for our nightly bedtime regimen. This is the best part of the day because the natural

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