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The War Advertising Council, which later became the Advertising Council of today (p23). This council began with promoting things like woman in the workforce, communication from home to troops, reminding Americans not to reveal sensitive information, and anything that covered the war efforts to help during World War II. Today the council produces over 35 campaign promoting important environmental, education, family preservation and anti-drinking issues. The council has several iconic advertising characters that have played an indispensable part to the council’s success; Smokey the Bear and McGruff the Crime Dog.
The return on investment (ROI) refers to measuring how effectively a company’s advertising will reach their market and achieve a certain profit in comparison to the amount of effort and capital required to so. Companies want to receive the highest ROI possible(28-29,37-38). We have gone from simple ads in print, to radio commercials, to TV commercials and now the internet. The price of commercials has risen and a large percentage of print ads have been replaced with internet ads. Because of the many changes that have taken place within advertising and media there is no longer a consistent model for determining audience value across the vast communication vehicles we currently use for advertising today. Since each communication outlet has its own challenge for measuring its audience response, the ROI has become difficult to assess or predict. There is also the concern that the emphasis on short-term audience involvement may devalue the long term values of advertising which would affect the brand value since, brand building is a continuing process that often takes years to accomplish.
Brand equity is the value that has been placed on a product or service, by its consumers, distributors and…...

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