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Advertising and Regulatory System

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A. Introduction
In this paper will be discussed concern on advertising and regulatory systems in different parts of the world. Exactly the regulation of government in advertising is really needed to protect the interest of society from unbridled business behavior (Frith, KT and Mueller, B, 2003, p. 85). It is the foundation of ethics and a rule of advertisement. Advertising regulation refers to the laws and regulations that define the specific products that can be advertised on the country/region specific. Rules can include various aspects such as place settings advertising, advertising time, and the content of the ad. There are five main political/economic systems operate in the world that has its own policies structure for dealing with the media, such as the libertarian/capitalist (i.e., the United States), Socialist/capitalist (e.g., Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Britain), Authoritarian/capitalist (e.g., Brazil, Thailand, and Malaysia), Sectarian/authoritarian/capitalist (e.g., Saudi Arabia and Iran), Communist/planned economies (e.g., Vietnam or China). It also will be discussed to study the different of advertising and regulatory systems in several representation of the world.

B. Discussion
1. The Definition of advertising and regulatory systems
Before differentiating of advertising and regulatory systems in several parts in the world, it is important to understand what that system is. As is known in the introduction that regulation of advertising is aimed to protect the consumer goods / services advertised. This is the foundation of ethics and rules in advertising. Advertising regulation refers to the laws and regulations that define the specific products that can be advertised on the country / region specific. Rules can include various aspects such as setting place of advertising, advertising time, and the...

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