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Do advertisements affect children? Most of the ads are targeted to the children, but will the child be affected by the ad he or she watches on the television? Some of the advertisement contains violent acts. For instance, Persil, the washing powder, shows two children fighting and pushing each other, then bloodstain remains on the shirt. Those kinds of advertisements are meant to show that the washing powder will remove any stain. However, some parents complained that those kinds of advertisements affected their children in a negative way and they started copying what they saw. While people are complaining about how advertisements are affecting their children, they forgot that it is their responsibility to guide their children and control what they are watching. Therefore, Advertisements do not affect children in a negative way as most people think.
Janice & Ania said, “… Advertisements of junk food should be banned to help fight child obesity.”(N.d, para9). It is widely believed by people that the main reason for obesity. Additionally, people think that advertisements are meant to corrupt child and make then unethical. All these thoughts and confusions are based on inadequate reasoning, which makes their argument invalid in most of the time. For instance, children feel that whenever that the advertisement is colorful and full of cartoon characters, children will be fascinated with the advertisement so that they will be begging to get that product, which it rarely happens. On the other hand, there are plenty of evidences that prove that advertising affect children in a positive way. First, many of the advertisements motivate children to make them improve their abilities. A psychologist said “between ages three and five it slightly helped reading scores.” (Kyla Boyse, RN, August 2010, para.6). As implied...

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