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1. Jean Kilbourne's argument is to show us how much more we're exposed to advertisements than before and how much advertisements truly affect us and our everyday lives. Jean states that advertisements have gone up from a 20 billion dollar a year industry to a 180 billion dollar a year industry, and that the average American is exposed to over 3000 ads a day. That can be on TV, billboards, magazines, and even clothes people wear. Jean next talks about the effect ads have on us and especially women. Advertisements are telling us how we should look, what we should wear, and what we should drink. Advertisements go deeper than just that. They make the most dangerous seem safe, most impossible easy, and they make everyday beauty in beings, ugly. For example, advertisements show us that if we're not stick skinny, we are not going to be accepted in the fashion world. They also make it seem like the real world isn't going to accept you because you don't look good if you're not really skinny.

2. Jean suggests that the typical images for male figures are having a much built body, the right hair, and covering nothing up but your crotch area. This interprets sexuality. The same goes for women. typical images for women are a big chest, a big behind, slim waist, long legs, skinny, oh and flawless. The stereotypes these advertisements perpetuate are that men are supposed to be taller, bigger, heartless, and tough. As for women, they have to be smaller, looked down upon, and even always being innocent. When it comes to race, a white boy has control over the white girl. But when it's a black boy and a white girl, the girl has the control. Go figure that race would have a part in advertisement. Another way race is involved in this is when it comes to colored women, they're seen as animals. They would dress up the colored models into an animal such as a tiger and have her pose as exactly that.

3. Kilbourne suggests that advertisement can have real life effects in many different ways. Seeing as that we humans are always craving attention, what better way to get attention then with a bigger chest. The women that don't have a big chest, they turn to plastic surgery for all that attention. Another way is, of course every girl wants to be a model. Modeling agencies have set such high standards for the models that you nearly have to starve to even fit in the category and that's exactly what girls are doing. They are starving themselves to look just like the millionaire model on the magazine.

5. Kilbourne believes it is our responsibility for us to get involved in activities that we, ourselves are interested in. To change our attitudes and mindsets of how we think about ourselves and others.

6. Kilbourne presents her argument very effectively because she gives many examples and has her claims to back every statement up. It’s also something everyone can relate to and her examples are exactly what we see every day but never actually stop to think about it.

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