Advice for Young Business Professionals

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Advice for Young Business Professionals
This report provides specific advice to help young business professionals establish themselves in professional world. The advice was provided through interviewing Terry Everett, manager of a million dollar store. The advice focuses on three key areas:
* Get to know people
* Be brave, world is yours
* Respect comes with hard work
Terry Everett has been a manager for 22 years. Throughout his career Everett has worked for many companies including government owned, for the past 6 years Everett is a manager of a million dollar shoe store.
Get to know people.
Establish relationships with colleagues. When entering a new job, remember that you enter already established community with its own rules. The environment is unique to every company. A new comer is often rejected, people don’t like changes. Everett says that throughout his career he had to switch work 5 times. Every time was as a fresh start. Don’t hesitate and wait till people will come to you, this will never happen. Make a first step; don’t be afraid to start a conversation with coworkers even if they are from a different department. Treat each person like a blank piece of paper and then slowly add on to it until you get a perfect image. Meanwhile, let people know about yourself, fear comes from unknown. Open up to others, let coworkers remember you. Tell them funny stories; don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself
Be brave, world is yours
Don’t be afraid, express your thoughts. Never let your ideas go; when on a meeting of conference, don’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind. One can’t win without failure. Everett says that best employees are those who standout, the kind that is always talking, they always ask if something isn’t clear and always say what they think. Most people however, are anxious to say what’s on their mind because they believe that it’s…...