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Amanda Harvey
English 101
Advice to students essay (idiot Nation)
My Advice to You “Our problem isn’t just that our kids don’t know nothin’ but that the adults who pay their tuition are no better,” States Moore in Idiot Nation. To the rest of the world we Americans are obnoxious, ignorant, stupid human beings and unfortunately it’s partly true. It’s not that I am agreeing with such horrible accusations, it’s just that I believe most of the general American people are lazy. We like to do things the easiest way possible and have come accustomed to the easy life. How long has it been since you walked up to your television to change the channel instead of using the remote? Did you know that only “11% of the American public bothers to read a daily newspaper beyond the funny pages or used car ads (Moore 129).” Education is so important in so many ways, which is why you should take your education seriously. It equips us with everything we need to make our futures bright. Try to challenge yourself.A diverse and well- rounded education could potentially help you achieve anything you set your mind to. It was so easy in high school. I remember missing two days and you barely had any makeup work. In College, you miss one class and your struggling to get caught back up and you’re so lost in classroom conversation it’s like your instructor is speaking another language. Education is a serious matter and should be treated as so. “Yale and Harvard, Princeton and Dartmouth, Stanford and Berkeley, Get a degree from one of those universities, and you’re set for life,” said Moore (pg.132). But no matter what college you attend you have to apply yourself. You must strive to succeed and be the best you can. “In our glorious land of plenty, less is always more when it comes to probing the brain and thinking critically” (139). Moore said he once heard “Naom Chompsky. say that if you want proof the American people aren’t stupid, just turn on any sports talk radio show and listen to the incredible retention of facts”(129). We have to find a way to make education as interesting as sports. Try and think if of your education like the last playoff game before the super bowl. If you don’t put everything you got into it for the win you won’t succeed/win and you lost out on the super bowl or in the case of education, a successful fulfilling future. Refusing to take your education seriously, skipping class, and not doing your homework will most likely result in you not being as successful as you potentially could be. We all need to stop being so lazy and ignorant and try something new. Be the best that you are by challenging yourself, “So what if “70% of those who graduate from America’s colleges are not required (132)” to learn a second language. What does it matter that most top universities do not make you take a history class, CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Take history anyway. We don’t want to help support the false categorization that we can’t read a map like our former president George W. Bush. “It comes as no surprise to other nations that Americans, who love to revel in their stupidity would “elect” a president (130)” who believes Africa is a Nation and brags about being a mediocre student. Sliding through school seems so natural and easy but push yourself and that ambition alone will take you far in life. “The American mind is alive and well (129)” engage it. Education runs the world and moves our economy. Being diverse and well-rounded will make you a better person. We would be, as Moore puts it, “A Nation of Idiots” without any education. If you have a decent education you are respected more than those who gave up and dropped out. Imagine if you were to make your education priority over everything else, your opportunities will be endless. “Seventy English programs at seventy major universities, only twenty-three now require English majors to take a course in Shakespeare”(moore132). For those students who do take the extra non-required courses probably place more respectable jobs and are better at what they do because they took the extra initiative and constructed that solid, diverse college transcript. Go ahead and take some extracurricular and hold a job. Join a club or a sports team. Help out in your community. These will all be tools that make you more rounded and they look great on future job applications. In today’s world you need to be educated to be successful so go above and beyond. Take those extra classes and shoot for the stars. A good solid education is extremely important. It’s the most important quality a person can carry with them in life and it’s a great foundation for a successful future. Take your education into your own hands and don’t follow the stereotypes or trends. Take extra classes or extracurricular activities, be a well-rounded individual. Show up for class on time so you don’t miss anything. Set reasonable goals so you may be all you can. You are the only person who can hold you back, the skies the limit!

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