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By Beatrix Allah Mensah

AUTHOR: Beatrix Allah-Mensah Department of Political Science University of Ghana, Legon

ISBN: 9988-572-87-5 © Copyright Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Accra Published in 2005 Printed & designed by O´Mens Graphix, Accra, Tel.:021-238098

I wish to acknowledge the contribution of all those who made this project a success. First, I give glory to the Almighty God for bringing me this far in my academic and professional pursuit. Secondly, I express my thanks to all my lecturers in the Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, who have nurtured me onto this path of professional and academic life. Thirdly, I am grateful to all our key informant interviewees from all the institutions/ministries/political parties who gave us their time and valuable information used for this study. Fourthly, I wish to sincerely acknowledge the contribution of my research assistants, Alfred Appiah and Nimingah Beka, national service personnel of the Department of Political Science for their dedicated service during the data collection. Finally, I would like to express my thanks to the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) for commissioning this study and giving me the opportunity to carry it out with financial and institutional support. I would like to state that, except for quotations or references which have been dully acknowledged, this is the result of a research I conducted personally. God Bless all who contributed to this effort.


FOREWORD WOMEN IN POLITICS AND PUBLIC LIFE __________1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY____________________________________2 CHAPTER ONE: BACKGROUND AND INTRODUCTION ________________________5 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.5 1.6 Introduction _________________________________________5 Research Questions __________________________________6 Aim/Objectives...

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