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➢ PART C, Session 5 ➢ Case Study: Decision Making at Choco, p137

1. What is the case about? In your own words, summarise the case by highlighting the main issues.

2. Describe the decision making process at ChocCo. Who were the parties involved? Who should have been involved and why?

The decision-making process has been highly centralised. The strategic decision to change the shift timings has been made by the top management on the assumption that the workers will accept it. The decision making style should have been consultative, and the workers’ opinions should have been sought before making such an important decision.

The Union should have been involved right from the start and their input would have played a valuable role in enhancing the productivity level of employees.

3. How might you have ensured everyone was involved in the decision making process at ChocCo?

Some ways include taking a survey of workers’ opinions regarding shift changes, and participation of Union and workers in the decision-making process.

Students could look at the satisficing model of decision making. This model is appropriate because the management of ChocCo have inadequate information about the nature of the issue to be decided and also about possible alternatives and their strengths and limitations. While looking at the satisficing model, students could discuss the concept of bounded rationality. Students could also discuss the section on ‘Steps in an effective decision-making process’ in the text book. Common barriers to effective decision making can also be discussed.

4. How could the decision making process at ChocCo been made more effective?

5. What lessons can be learned from the experience at ChocCo? This case reflects the importance of employee consultation when making...

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