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Dear Parent,

I am writing to inform you about students’ rights and teacher responsibilities to be followed in my class. In this letter, I will discuss five students` right and my responsibility as a teacher to make sure that none of your children`s right will be violated. As a student your child had the right to an education no matter his or her race, sex or religion. As a teacher it is my responsibility to make sure your child receives an adequate education while in my class. While being part of my class your child is entitled to his or her to voice his or her opinion. I will allow your child to voice his or her opinion as long as their opinion is indecent and does not cause any type of disruption in my class. If your child`s opinion cause any type of disturbance in my class, I will have to take some form of action and discipline your child. In my classroom corporal punishment is not prohibited but, I will not use excessive punishment to discipline your child. To help discipline your child and to make sure his or her grades to continue to climb in my class, parent involvement is strongly urged. I would like parents to feel as if they are a part of my class as well. With your help we can maintain your child`s behavior as well as their grades. As a parent you have the right to examine your child`s educational records but, if your child is eighteen or older then he or she has the right to examine their own educational records. Our school does not require your child to wear uniforms; however we do have a dress code that your child has to follow. Students have the right to express themselves through their sense of style as long as it is in the guidelines of the dress code policy. All teachers are required to report any proper authorities suspected instances of child abuse and neglect. Students may be awarded damages from school board members for a violation of their constitutional rights if they can establish that they were injured by the deprivation and that the school official deliberately violated those rights. . The due process clause provides that a child is entitled to notice of charges and the opportunity for a hearing prior to being suspended from school for misbehavior issues .School officials may search students, lockers, and student property without a search warrant, but they must have reasonable grounds for believing that a student is in possession of evidence of a violation of a law or school rule. Not only this the state constitutions provide that a child has the right to an education; to date, students have been unsuccessful in suing school board members on the ground that they have not learned anything.


[Closing: Summarize the importance of informing parents of the students’ rights and teacher responsibilities that were emphasized].


Helen L. Poke

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