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The beginning of advancement in rocket technology stems from the experiments made during World War II. In the 1940's when Nazi Germany was in a position of facing defeat, Hitler was holding on to one project which was unknown to the world - the V-2 rocket program. A German aerospace engineer named Wehnher Von Braun was recruited by the Nazi party to design a rocket which could be used as a weapon to destroy Germany's enemies from long distance ranges. In 1944, Nazi Germany launched a series of its V-2 rockets against its enemies, killing thousands. One of the cities hit by the V-2 rockets was London.
The idea of a rocket carrying a nuclear bomb to destroy any location in the world alarmed the allied forces. As the Germans were on the brink of defeat, both the United States and the Soviet Union were on a mission to capture the rocket mastermind Wehnher Von Braun and use his genius for their benefit. As Nazi Germany surrendered, Von Braun went into hiding, because the Germans would rather have him dead, than have any other country adopt their rocket program. In 1945, Von Braun fearing the possibility of becoming a tortured prisoner of war in the hands of the Soviet Union, he decided to surrender to the United States and offered to contribute his expertise and knowledge in the field of rocketry for the benefit of the United States. Despite Von Braun's prior affiliation to the Nazi Party, the U.S. government took him in and gave him and his fellow German scientists the opportunity to continue their research as part of the United States Army.
When the Soviet Union realized that Von Braun now worked for the Americans, they needed to find someone who possessed the same amount of genius or more than that of Von Braun. Having a rocket engine engineer named Valentin Glushko, they asked him who could fill in the position of being the head rocket designer/engineer. Under...

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