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Affluence of the Middle Class

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Dear Board,

As this semester came to an end, I started to reflect back on it and jot down what has happened this past semester. Similar to my first semester at the University of Georgia, this past semester was full of incredible experiences and even more incredible people. Being in a class of over 5,000 students, I met many new people through my classes and extracurricular activities and became even closer with the friends I made last semester. Spring semester was more challenging academically than fall semester, as I finally started classes that count towards my Spanish minor and my Marketing/Public Relations double major. I have talked with my Honors advisor about potentially adding a Political Science major along with my other two, but he is advising me against it, as three majors might be too much for me to handle. Although the academic side of his semester was stressful, I became even more involved on campus, which was a great way to de-stress and give back to UGA. I became involved with UGA HEROs, which is an organization that raises money for children affected by HIV/AIDS in the Southeast. I am a subcommittee head for the Public Relations/Marketing Committee for HEROs, which allowed me help out the organization as much as I possibly could. Every HEROs team member has a personal fundraising goal of $400 for 2015. I, along with a few other kids on my committee, decided that we wanted to do more. So for this year, I am trying to raise $1,500 for our kids. I have already raised a little under $800, and am confident that I will be able to raise the other $700 when I return in the fall. All the money raised helps pay for the children to attend camps at Camp Twin Lakes, as well as bring them to Athens for other events. Furthermore, I was appointed to a Senate Seat in the University of Georgia’s Student Government Association. The Senate is the governing body for the University of Georgia, and proposes new rules/amendments as we see fit. In addition to all of the new things I became involved with this semester, I still continued to participate in many activities from last semester. I am still an active brother in the Georgia Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt) and continue to participate in the Phi Delt team for UGA Miracle, another UGA based philanthropy. I am still in the Honors College and will apply to The Terry College of Business and the Grady College of Journalism in the fall to pursue my two majors. This summer I will continue to work the day camps at the Morgan County Recreation Department, as well as taking accounting 1 and 2, statistics, and macroeconomics online. I would like to end by thanking the Board of Trustees for entrusting me with this scholarship, as it helped make these past two semesters a reality. I hope all of you have a wonderful summer!
Ben McMichael

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