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Afica and Americas with the Resistance to Cultural Change Westerners Encountered in China and India

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In the business world there are many resources that all organizations provide and receive from other organizations. To keep up with the technology they consume and sell the community and all over the world. The basic legal environment can be tough to follow by the regulations of the book. The social environment can be a hassle to provide the best and cheap products. The economic environment needs to provide better and interesting products to the environment. Let’s talk about the legal, social, and economic environments about management structure, operational issues, financial issues, and the impact of potential change factors including the role of technology. The basic legal environment in an organization has to reflect on the management structure. To make sure that the manager is following by the legal rights towards the customers, and make sure that the employees are making sure that customers are always right to keep the customers coming back for different products. The manager has to be able to read each employee and be able to train new employees in a professional manner; so that the operation is going smoothly and correctly. The organization has to meet the requirements to establish financial help, but if the goods are selling and the profit is good then they shouldn’t need any financial help. As the technology changes; the organization has to keep up with the changes. If the company can’t make immediate change on the technology then the company can fail to make good profits from the products because the competition will have the product cheaper (as we say on sale) then the company will lose a lot of profit. A lot of people love to buy products that have discounts and it’s the product they want and need, so they look around for sales to save money. The management has to have a plan to keep the customers

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