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African American Market

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1. Name - Samira Shaikh

2. MKT 103 - Sec. 771

3. Date -April 22, 2012

Topic - Marketing/Advertising to the African American Community

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I am highly motivated, and I am committed to excellence.

Marketers are now able to use tools such as social networking and email marketing to target prospective customers. Social media has made two-way communication easier between organization and customer and is proving valuable when trying to gain more insight into customer’s attitudes and perceptions.Years ago sales professionals had the majority of information, and we as consumers depended on sales professionals to inform and guide us in our decisions. In the past we needed professional sales people as they controlled the knowledge. Then around 1989 and beyond....the Internet changed everything and gave more power to the consumer. When the Internet began to go mainstream it opened the gates of the information super highway to the consumer in ways that had never been seen before. Then technology, computers, software and automation started taking hold and consumers had much more info at their fingertips to guide them, or at least point them in the right direction.

Technological advances are enabling marketing professionals to use more specifically targeted digital channels to get their message across and email marketing is a low cost way to get your message directly to consumers. Digital marketing may be on the rise but print marketing methods are still of significance and an integrated communications approach which fuses old methods with new is the best way of moving forward. Customer segmentation is more important than ever as audiences become more fragmented. This has led to an increase in the number of specialist publications, websites and television channels so keeping astride of this is integral to delivering...

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