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African American Women and Interracial Dating

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The decisions to date interracially for African American women consist of a great deal of struggle, due to the criticism brought on within their community and society. The African American community is currently experiencing a shortage of available men for African American women to choose from due to incarceration and unemployment. While the community as a whole is showing improvement in areas such as social status, education, decrease in poverty, and health, the rise can mainly be attributed to the African American woman. With the increased success of African American women at a rate higher than that of the African American man, women have started considering dating other races.
The Family Dynamic of an African American Woman
Interracial marriage is not entirely accepted amongst today’s society. Within the African American community, there remains a lot of resistance. The common scenario in the past has been African American male/Caucasian woman; nevertheless, we are starting to see a rise amongst, African American woman/Caucasian man. Consequently the expectations set by the African American family are set higher for an African American women to date and marry within her own race. Due to those expectations the African American woman places, a great deal of consideration when choosing whether or not she will date outside of her race. At the same time, there are many external and internal forces at work threating the African American community: low expectations set by adults within and outside the family; too few positive role models; incessant images of violence; excessive greed and materialism; and too few basic supports like good education and health care (Edelman, 2007). For this reason, the African American, family is determined to preserve its nuclear family. In doing so, it is taught at an early age to date within your own race,…...

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