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Africian Females

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A quote from The Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey: Africa for the Africans states “The world ought to know that it could not keep 400,000,000 Negroes down forever."Even with all trials and tribulations African American ancestors went through one well-known phrase is “Forty Acres and a Mule”. The thought of repayment for the injustice of slavery has been around for many years. This thought of reparations is a controversy topic in existence in political discussions, school systems, and newspapers. The ideas of reparations for slavery have different perspective from a white and black point of views. According to: Reparations: Pro & Con which states “As table 1.1 shows, whites overwhelmingly oppose reparations payments, and a majority of blacks support them”( Brophy 4). People believe that the reparation for slavery was Forty Acres and a Mule, which was supposed to given to each former slave family. However, it was never given to any of them. Will it ever be given? Was this concept used to pacify the cries for justice?

The Reconstruction era of slavery begin when the slaves were being abolition of slavery and the final ends of the Civil War. The blacks were in need of economics independence . The need for money forced the former slaves to work for the white landowners to make a living. William T. Shermanwas a West Point graduate. He soon volunteered his services for the American Civil War when it first arose. While the Civil War was going on, he later became supreme commander. He was an essential person to the Reconstruction era. He was never against blacks and he spoke against how slaves were being misused and abused. He wanted the blacks the blacks to be just as equal to him and his race. In his book, William T. Sherman: a biography stated, “He had even advocated that they be taught to read and write, and had stated that illiterate slaves were…...

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