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AFT Task 4: Periodic Performance Review

Accreditation Audit Case
The accreditation process is designed to assist healthcare establishment to identify and enhance the patient’s safety and the quality of service delivery. This paper presents a review of the readiness Nightingale Community Hospital for accreditation audit. The paper comprises of a periodic performance review of the establishment. The review has focus of several priority areas. These areas include; assessment and care; quality improvement; patient safety, and staffing effectiveness. Trend within the hospital indicates the Nightingale has made significant progress towards fulfilling the standards of the Joint Review Commission. However, the trends in staffing effectiveness are limiting the organization’s compliance.

Periodic Performance Review (PPR)
The PPR is based on data collected in the Joint Commission Survey. The survey utilized the priority focus methodology to evaluate the compliance of Nightingale Community Hospital. The priority focus process is a methodology that makes use of data to establish priority areas for reviewing compliance. This process has utilized of both external and internal data to evaluate the compliance of Nightingale Community Hospital. This methodology identified several priority areas. These include; assessment and care services; quality improvement activities, and patient safety. This paper evaluates Nightingale’s compliance in these three priority areas.

Compliance Status
The PPR process has also focused on assess the activities that Nightingale has implemented in order to improve the quality of care. Nightingale has made significant improvements in various areas. One of these areas is patient identification. Establishing an efficient system for identifying patients is essential in determining the quality of care. An efficient system result in…...

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