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Week 3 Learning Team Assignment

Team C


Mrs. Julia Reeves

October 15, 2012

Week 3: Afterlife Myths

Briefly compare and contrast at least two myths from your reading which deal with the afterlife.

|FIRST Afterlife MYTH: “Thor’s duel with Hrungnir” |REGION or CULTURE: Iceland, Norse |
|What are the names of the places where people go when they die? |Valhalla, Nifleheim, and Hel, |
|(All of the names of the places, not just one). | |
|What are the characteristics of the different realms of the |Valhalla, is the hall of dead warriors legendary for their valor,|
|afterlife? What form do people take when they go there? |Nifleheim, is the perpetually dark and frozen land of the dead, |
| |and Hel, is the last step for those that did not die in battle, |
| |but of disease and old age. In Valhalla the dead are dressed in |
| |their fighting gear, Nifleheim, the people are frozen, and Hel, |
| |the people are of skull and bones |
|Who goes to which location and how do they get there? |Vikings go to Valhalla by dying a honorable death, The old and |
| |disease go to Hel they get there by not fighting in battle |
|Are there gods or supernatural beings in each of the locations? |Yes, Valhalla- Odin, Nifleheim- supernatural beings |
|If so, who or what are they? |svartalf/dwarf, Hel-is the half corps and living female guardian |
|Source for myth: |Myth and knowing. An introduction to world mythology |
|Source for image: | |
|Caption for image: |Viking-03ps3.ipg, “Thor’s duel with Hrungnir” |
|Insert image: [pic] |

|Second Afterlife MYTH:Egyptian |REGION or CULTURE: Greek |
|What are the names of the places where people go when |Fields of offerings and Rushes |
|they die? (All of the names of the places, not just | |
|one). | |
|What are the characteristics of the different realms of|In this beautiful world, the like of the deceased was mirrored but there |
|the afterlife? What form do people take when they go |were no problems, there was only happiness. The Egyptians believed the |
|there? |souls were perishable, therefore at great risk. |
|Who goes to which location and how do they get there? |the ancient egyptians were preoccupied by death and believed after death |
| |they would go to the dark and terrifying place called the underworld, which|
| |isa land of great dangers and test that all egyptians would have to pass to|
| |get to the afterlife. |
|Are there gods or supernatural beings in each of the |Yes, anubis (god), maat (goddess), and the great swallower (Devourer of the|
|locations? If so, who or what are they? |dead) |
|Source for myth: |Greek |
|Source for image: | |
|Caption for image: |Mask king tut |
|Insert image: [pic] |

|THIRD Afterlife MYTH: Islam |REGION or CULTURE: Muslim |
|What are the names of the places where |there are only two places that the islam myth states a person goes in the afterlife which |
|people go when they die? (All of the |is heaven or hell. |
|names of the places, not just one). | |
| | |
| | |

|Comparison/Contrast and Summary: |
|In one paragraph, summarize (use complete sentences!) the main differences and similarities in the myths you have chosen (must be |
|at least two myths). Can you offer an explanation for the differences? (Your paragraph should be no fewer than five to ten |
|sentences). |
|The Egyptian and Islamic Myths were totally different in how they viewed the afterlife. The Egyptians felt that for people who |
|weren’t condemned they had to go through obstacles to make it to the world of paradise or heaven. The Islamic myth however speaks |
|quite differently. The Muslim culture felt that once judgment came you would go before Allah(God) and be judged but unlike the |
|Egyptians before judgment day you lay in a grave and if heaven was your fate you lie in peace, however if hell was your fate you |
|were uncomfortable and miserable awaiting your time to be judged. The Myths have one similarity they both felt that God was the |
|decision maker on where you would spend your life whether it is heaven or hell. |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

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