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After the First Death

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Kate is driving the bus for her uncle. Kate knew from the beginning that they were going to kill her. They only kept Kate around for that long so she could look after the children on the bus. Kate feels responsible for the children and even offers them to take her life instead of Raymond’s. Kate is very clever. She comes up with a plan to get her and the children away from the hijackers. Kate takes orders from Miro and Artkin because she is afraid that if she disobeys her or the children will be harmed. Kate feels useless and feels like she can’t do anything to save her and children. On page 32 it says, “ Ordinarily, she hated to follow orders- at home or at school- but usually did. Another weakness. And here she was, complying again, carrying out the instructions they had given her.” Kate realizes that there are two types of innocence good and evil. Kate realizes that Miro thinks that killing all of those people is okay and she realizes that he is innocent, but not in a good way. Kate believes she is not brave. Kate says to herself, “ I’m not heroic, I’m not brave.” Kate has to summon all of her bravery to try and drive the bus away. Kate is very caring and is always putting the children first. She offers her own life for a child that she does not even know. She comforts the children when they wake up from a nightmare and she soothes them back to sleep. Kate is always putting others before herself and thinks of her safety second. I think that Kate is very brave even in the toughest of situations. Kate tries to win Miro over to make it harder for Miro to kill her. She tells Miro that she think Artkin is his father and this makes him kill Kate.
Artkin is the leader of the bus hijacking operation. He plan

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