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Against Love

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March 31st, 2014 In Favor of Love Laura Kipnis, in her essay Against love, touches many aspects of love. It is a sensitive topic simply because love brings out many different opinions and beliefs. The author argues the fact that in order to have a good relationship and love we need to meet creating requirements like good communication, coherence and close relationship or intimacy. It is an interesting essay. What quite caught my attention is that at the beginning of the essay, the author says “Love is, as we know, a mysterious and controlling force. It has vast power over our thoughts and life decisions. It demands our loyalty, and we, in turn, freely comply. (Kipnis 734). This is the simplest way to explain what love is about. When people realize that you really love someone we do and say things you never imagine. Love is an important part of life. Life without love is like an ocean without water. Love is not something you find on the streets or stumble on. It grows on you with time. On the essay, the author, also refers about passion. “Of course, the parties involved must work at keeping passion alive ….. (Kipnis 736). Passion can be described in two words: strong and uncontrollable. We can’t control how we feel about the people, activities and ideas in our lives. Passion unfortunately is not always a good thing especially it can make a person incompetent. Everyone has a passion of their own and their pursue it in different ways. Love can and will make you feel as if you are nothing without your partner. Love is hard to explain but there is a passion that you find with someone else and if it is meant to be everything will fall in place by its own. The author also takes a look at modern relationship. Most all them (about 50 % percent ends in divorce) and the other half are not happy. This is not...

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