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Course Information: Course Description: Exposition and argument, emphasizing critical thinking in response to electronic and print texts. Focus on exploring, developing, and communicating ideas in a voice appropriate to the audience. Students strengthen skills through pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing. In-class and out-of-class essays required. Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or better in ENGL 098 taken at 5 credits or recommending score on the writing skills placement test for ENGL 101. | Credits: 5Item #: 2806Class Hours/Locations: 9:00-9:50JSH 248 |
Instructor Information: 0 1 Instructor: Sharla Yates, MA in Writing 2 Office Hours: by appointment only 3 Phone: 503-750-9552 (Last Resort) | 4 E-mail address: (Best) 5 Mailstop: FHL 222 6 Office Location: FHL 112 | * -------------------------------------------------
Text & Materials Needed:
Required Text: * Hacker, Diana, Ed. Rules for Writers. Boston: Bedford, 2008. * Everything’s an Argument 5th edition. Boston: Bedford 2010. Required Supplies/Materials: You will need daily access to a computer and a printer, both must function properly. You will need access to the Internet. You will receive all assignments, announcements, grades, additional reading materials, videos, handouts and due dates on Moodle. You will also be expected to upload your assignments to our Moodle room: * -------------------------------------------------
Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Use library resources to find and evaluate relevant sources for a paper. Communicate ethically by using MLA documentation, presenting well reasoned arguments without deceptive or inflammatory language | 2. Pose questions and develop critical responses to academic and professional essays, as well as use questions and responses to develop a thesis that draws upon three or more sources. | 3. Use independent and critical thinking when reading texts and revising one’s own writing. | 4. Develop and organize 1000-1500 word essays unified by a central idea, support those ideas with evidence, direct writing to a clearly identified reader, and self-edit/proofread. | 5. Direct diction, voice, tone, and evidence to a variety of audiences. | 6. Work collaboratively in peer and group workshop activities. Improve communication skills by assessing one’s own work, seeking feedback, applying teacher comments to new writing situations, and developing effective goal-setting and work habits.Students will be sufficiently skilled in the above areas to pursue future research and writing of academic and personal interest to them with minimal guidance and supervision. |

GRADING SYSTEM: | Assignments are given as work outside of class, including weekly reading responses/summaries/analysis: 30% |

Peer Reviews are conducted in class: 15% |

Quizzes are on assigned readings and may be conducted in class or on Moodle: 5% |

Essays are final drafts of the three major writing assignments equal: 50% * Rhetorical Analysis on an Advertisement: 10% * Critical Analysis of an Article: 15% * Argument Essay with Research: 25% If you do not earn a C or better on the Final Argument Essay, you will not pass the course. |

* -------------------------------------------------

* -------------------------------------------------
0 Your final grade is based on the following scale:

A+ A A- | 97-100 92-96 90-91 | | B+
B- | 87-89 82-86 80-81 | | C+ C C- | 77-79 72-76 70-71 | D+
D- | 67-69 62-66 60-61 | | F | 59 < | | | | * -------------------------------------------------

Course Policies:
Academic Honesty and Plagiarism: Much of your college education will involve learning what others have written and then integrating those ideas into your own thinking. But in academic writing, any ideas or language not credited to another are assumed to be that of the author. The problem of plagiarism comes in when you fail to give credit for those ideas that are not originally yours. The word plagiarism, which comes from the Latin word for “kidnapping,” refers to the unacknowledged use of another’s words, ideas, or information. Your instructor will introduce you to strategies to avoid plagiarism, the conventions for using and acknowledging sources, and good note-taking procedures. Your instructor will also help you to gain confidence in your own writing so that you do not feel a need to borrow the words of others. The following is a guide to help you avoid plagiarism.
What you need not acknowledge: Anything that is written entirely in your own words AND meets one of the following two criteria
Common knowledge. If most people know something without having to do research on it, you need not cite it. However, if you quote someone’s explanation of information that is common knowledge, it must be cited as a direct quote.
Your own ideas and reasoning.
What you should acknowledge in order to show that you have done research and that you are indebted to particularly useful sources of widely available information: Anything that is written entirely in your own words AND meets one of the following criteria 1. Facts available from a wide variety of sources. 2. Facts widely available but especially well addressed in a particular source.
What you must acknowledge: Any direct quotation, even if it contains common knowledge or information widely available.
Paraphrases and summaries of sources that provide background information, facts, and even common knowledge if you present that information in a way that is informed by a particular source.
Arguable assertions. If an author presents an assertion that may or may not be true, you must cite the source. Statistics, charts, tables, and graphs from any source. You must credit all graphic material, even if you yourself create the graph.
The purchase of research papers or the employment of a person or agency to prepare such papers is considered by the English Department to be plagiarism and may result in failure of the course. You may get help in writing your paper, but there are limits to the amount of help you can honestly receive. For instance, if your instructor so prescribes, others may read your paper and point out weaknesses, but they must not rewrite the paper for you. Your instructor will define other uses and limitations of outside help, as he or she deems appropriate.
Late Paper/Assignment Policy and Class Expectations:
Late Assignments: Late work is not accepted. You will have the ability to view what is due ahead of time on Moodle. This allows you the ability to work ahead and prepare for days missed. You have until the end of the day on the due date to upload the assignment to Moodle.
Late Essays: You may turn the major writing essays in up to three days after the due date. However, there will be a deduction of 10% per day late. This means if you turn a paper in at 8 a.m. the day after it is due, and it is a B- paper, it will earn a C-.
Student Success: I want each of you to leave this class feeling prepared for 102 and more confident in your writing. In order to get there, here are some important tips: * Be on time. * Do not waste time in class. * Turn off and put away all cell phones and pagers. The calls and text messages can wait until after class. * Take notes. When you’re at home and it’s time to write your essay, you’ll be glad that you did. This also aids you in keeping track of all core class concepts. * Refer to this syllabus and Moodle regularly; you should be able to find answers to all of your questions. You can also email me your questions. * Respect the opinions of your peers. You’ll learn from them, particularly when their opinions differ from your own. * If for any reason you were unable to make it to class, please keep up with the readings. We have a lot of course material to discuss in class and the best learning happens when we’re all prepared.
How To Share: For peer review sessions you’ll be required to bring additional copies of your paper with you to class (this will be announced ahead of time on Moodle). You will be working as a peer reader as well as receiving constructive advice on your own work.

* -------------------------------------------------
Support Services:

The Writing Center: The Writing Center has excellent tutors who can help you brainstorm, structure ideas, and identify common errors in your writing. The Writing Center is not a typing or proofreading service; it is designed to help you help yourself. Make an appointment before the due date for your assignment, and plan to spend time thinking and working with your tutor. The Writing Center is in HKH 102 and 103. You can contact The Tutoring and Writing Center at 992-2253.

ADA Accommodations: If you have emergency medical information that should be shared; or if you require assistance in case the building should be evacuated; please make an appointment to see me as soon as possible during the office hours indicated in this syllabus. Any student with a disability who may require accommodation in order to fully participate in this class should contact the Disability Support Services Office at (360) 992-2314 or (360) 991-0901 (VP) or stop by GHL 137.
Academic Early Warning: Your instructor may use the Academic Early Warning (AEW) system in this course to let you know if s/he has concerns about your academic performance early enough to give you time to improve. If your instructor uses AEW to let you know what you need to work on, a letter will be sent to your home along with a list of free campus services that can assist you. As not all instructors will use AEW, it is your responsibility to be aware of how you are progressing in your classes.

“CLASSES TODAY” link: Students now have the ability to check on line each day to be sure that their classes are meeting. To access this information, go to the Clark College website and click on Quick Links, then on Classes Today. It will show any classes that have been cancelled for that day only.

* -------------------------------------------------
College-Wide Policies:
Non-discrimination Policy: Clark College affirms a commitment to freedom from discrimination for all members of the college community. The college expressly prohibits discrimination against any person on the basis of: Race, color, national origin, disabled veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, creed, gender expression, Vietnam-era veteran status, religion, marital status, and presence of physical, sensory or mental disability. The responsibility for, and the protection of, this commitment extends to students, faculty, administration, staff, contractors, and those who develop or participate in college programs. It encompasses every aspect of employment and every student and community activity. * -------------------------------------------------
Additional Information:
Important College-Wide Student Information: Visit for important college-wide student information. * -------------------------------------------------
TENTATIVE COURSE OUTLINE * Wk | * Date | * Topic | * Read | * Assignment | 1 | 09/26- | * Reading Argument | * Chapter | * Reading Response to “Mother Tongue” | | 09/30 | * Rhetorical Choices | * 2-3 | * Friday Quiz on Reading *See Moodle | | | * | * | * | 2 | 10/03- | * Rhetorical Choices | * Chapter | * Summary “Mob Rule” | | 10/07 | * & Analysis | * 4 | * Find Advertisement with text | | | * | * | * Friday Quiz on Reading *See Moodle | 3 | 10/10- | * Structuring Argument | * Chapter | * Write a Rhetorical Analysis | | 10/13 | * Peer Review Workshop | * 7 | * Rhetorical Analysis Final Due Sunday | | No class | * 10/14 | * | * *See Moodle | 4 | 10/17- | * Structuring Argument | * Chapter | * Summarize & Respond “Testing Speech Codes” | | 10/21 | * Academic Arguments | * 6 | * Find an article for your paper: Critical Analysis | | | * | * | * Friday Quiz on Reading *See Moodle | 5 | 10/24- | * The Art of Summarizing | * Chapter | * Summarize your article | | 10/28 | * Argument of Fact | * 8 | * Friday Quiz on Reading *See Moodle | | | * | * | * | 6 | 10/31- | * The Art of Quoting | * Chapter | * Write Critical Analysis on your article | | 11/04 | * Evaluations | * 10 | * Final Draft Due Sunday | | | * | * | * Friday Quiz on Reading *See Moodle | 7 | 11/07- | * Arguments of Definition | * Chapter | * Summarize & Respond “Beyond Green” | | 11/10 | * | * 9 | * *See Moodle | | No Class | * 11/11 | * | * | 8 | 11/14- | * Casual Arguments | * Chapter | * Jigsaw on Fallacies | | 11/18 | * Fallacies of Argument | * 11 | * Friday Quiz on Reading *See Moodle | | | * | * | * | 9 | 11/21- | * Style in Argument | * Chapter | * Write Final Paper: Research Argument | | 11/22 | * MLA Documentation | * 18 | * *See Moodle | | No Class | * 11/23-25 | * | * Thanksgiving Holiday | 10 | 11/28- | * MLA Documentation | * Chapter | * Write Final Paper: Research Argument | | 12/02 | * | * 19 | * Friday Quiz on Reading *See Moodle | | | * | * | * | 11 | 12/05- | * Finishing Touches | * N/A | * Final Draft Research Argument Due Wednesday | | 12/09 | * | * | * *See Moodle | 12 | TBA | * Last Class/Self Evaluation | * | * TBA *See Moodle | * -------------------------------------------------

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,, Projekt Wdrożenia Zintegrowanego Systemu Informatycznego Zarządzania W Firmie New Style and Technology

...Projekt zaliczeniowy ,,Informatyczne Systemy Zarządzania,, Temat Pracy: ,,Projekt wdrożenia zintegrowanego systemu informatycznego zarządzania w firmie NEW STYLE AND TECHNOLOGY,, NEW STYLE AND TECHNOLOGY jest niedlugo istniejącą firmą na rynku, od 2011 roku. Firma ta zatrudnia niespełna 30 osób,w tym wliczając kadrę zarządzającą. NSAT zajmuje się sprzedażą wszelkiego rodzaju produktów AGD,RTV. Jest to sprzedaż pośrednia w firmowych sklepach, jak również pozyskiwanie nowych klientów po przez sprzedaż bezpośrednią.Do tej pory właściciel NSAT zarządzał 3 sklepami firmowymi oraz wspolpracowal z dziesięcioma sprzedawca bezpośrednimi na terenie Wałbrzycha. Na przełomie 2012/2013 firma NSAT nawiazała kontakt z dystruborem artykułów AGD,RTV oraz wszelakiej elektronik pochodzących z Chin. Po uprzednim zbadaniu rynku NSAT podjęło decyzje o wspópracy z firmą z Chin, co miało się wiązać z wzrostem sprzedaży nowych artykułów, jak i powiększeniu sprzedaży na całą Polskę. Po zawarciu kontraktu firma podjeła decyzję o restrukturyzacji firmy,zatrudnieniu nowych sprzedawców jak i osób do działu marketingowego i rozpoczęcia sprzedaży ,, on line,,. Jak do tej pory głowną rolę w firmie odgrywały źródła informacji istniejące wewnątrz organizacji. Pozyskiwanie informacji ze źródeł wewnętrznych było najłatwiejsze i najtańsze, a służyły one przede wszystkim analizom strategicznym przedsiębiorstwa NEW STYLE AND TECHNOLOGY, konfrontacji oferty......

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Graphic Chips for Speech Class

...Informative Speech: Graphic Chips I. Introduction A. AGD: In 2012, a horror film called, “The Possession” hits theatres. This movie shows a girl buying an antique box at a yard sale which contains a curse spirit. During, the movie the spirits possesses a young girl which makes her act in a particular and unusual way. The parents start getting suspicious of their daughter behaviors, and set her out to get a brain scan which later on showed the image of a demon inside her brain. If it wasn’t for the technology of Graphic Processing Unit, the demon inside her brain might never be undiscoverable. B. Thesis Statement: According to an article Graphic Chips are for more than just eye candy press release dated September 28, 2012 by Anil Ananthaswamy, discusses the Fueling revolution that Graphic chip is making in industries worldwide. So, today I will be informing you how the Graphic Chips called GPUs have revolutionized the way we view graphics in our everyday lives. C. Preview: First, I will be telling you about the Origins of Graphic Chips. Second, I will tell you about its current applications. Lastly, I will tell you how it will be beneficial in the future along with some possible drawbacks. (Transition: First, I will tell you how the Graphic Chips came to be…) II. Origins I. According to, in 1983 Intel made the first form off the graphics card which was the iSBX 275 Video Graphics Controller Multi module Board. Later on, it was researched that the......

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...THE IMPACT OF COMPUTER-BASED ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS ON MALAYSIAN PUBLIC SECTOR AGENCIES BY WAN ZURIATI WAN ZAKARIA A thesis submitted to the School of Business and Law, Central Queensland University, Australia, for the fulfilment of the requirement of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) MAY 2014 ABSTRACT The positive and negative impacts of information technology (IT) have been continuously discussed and debated by researchers, practitioners and scholars for several years. In the public sector environment, IT can be a powerful tool for improving the delivery of government services with better collaboration among various governments. Therefore, the Malaysian Government, similar to many other governments, has planned and implemented a number of programmes to embrace the digital world by transforming itself to deliver information and services electronically. In public sector audit and accounting practices, the Malaysian Government has experienced local reform aimed at escalating transparency, streamlining accountability and improving overall financial management in line with international standards and practices. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of computer-based accounting systems (CBASs) on the effectiveness of performing accounting tasks by Malaysian public sector agencies (PSAs). This study focuses on the impact of performancebased outcomes at three levels: individual task, accounting-related task, and organisational......

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