Age in Humans

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From Ossification Activity of the Bones

Areas X-Rayed to Determine Age

• Wrist & hand – children
• Elbow, shoulder, pelvis and knee – Adult
• Skull, vertebrae and sternum – Old person

Lower end of femur, ½ cm in diameter
Talus – 7th month (1U)
Calcaneum – 5th month (1U)
Cuboid – Upper end of tibia & head of humerus

Number of carpal bone indicate age in years between 2-6yrs.
Pisiform ossifies – 10-12yrs

Ossification of Carpal Bones

Hand x-ray 3mo age

One carpal bone is ossified

Hand X-ray 3 Yrs

3 carpal bones are ossified

Hand X-ray 6 Yrs

6 carpal bones are ossified

7 carpal bones are seen up to the age of 9 Yrs.

Hand X-ray 11 Yrs

Appearance of pisiform is important
A dense rim is fully developed around the primary center at the age of 11-12 Yrs.

Elbow joint X-ray 1 Yr

Appear in medial epicondyle of humerus (
4yrs (F) – 6yrs (M)

Appear in olecranon ( 8–10yrs

Lateral epicondyle of humerus united with trochlea & capitulum ( 13-14yrs

All epiphyses at elbow (except medial epi.) join respective shaft 13-14yrs (F)
16-18yrs (M)

Elbow joint X-ray 9 Yrs

Primary center for lateral epicondyle appears at 9-12 Yrs

All the centers are open at the age of 11-12 Yrs.

Elbow joint X-ray 14 Yrs

Fusion occurs from 13 Yrs
- Starts from:
- Lateral epicondyle 13 Yrs
- Radius 14 Yrs
- Olecranon process 14 Yrs
- Medial epicondyle 15 Yrs
- Complete ossification occurs at the age of 16 Yrs

Wrist joint X-ray

Wrist joint X-ray 15 Yrs

Both distal ends of radius and ulna are open at the age of 15 Yrs
Fusion starts after 15 years
Complete fusion occurs at17 years

Wrist joint X-ray – Fusion

Female Male

Radius 16-16½ 17
Ulna 17…...