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Age Segragation in Pakistan

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Age Segregation and Old Homes. | Divided Cities |

‘Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that can happen to a man’.
Life cycle changes over time as a person grows old. He passes through different phases of life and gets opportunity to experience changing situations in life. There come situations when a person feels fortunate to have a great life whereas, all the same, situation arrives when a person is made to have worst experiences of life. He is made to feel alone, socially isolated or segregated in the society. Sometimes, there comes a situation, when the houses, which were typically considered to be large and spacious, motivate its residents to consider other housing options. My research, basically revolves around the people who choose to live in old homes. My research question is based upon their perspective about this residential segregation and the bonds they have developed within themselves in the old house. I also tend to disucuss the reasons behind choosing such an institutional living.

Literature review.
Old age segregation is highly debatable topic and a lot of literature is existing which highlights different perspectives of such segregation. TIME TO MOVE?A LITERATURE REVIEW OF HOUSING FOR OLDER PEOPLE by franceska Richard and Gill Walker, looks into the social context of housing for aged ones. It covers the demographic material, facts about social framework of housing for older people. This includes a review of demographic information, evidence relating to the needs, perspectives and choices of the aged people with respect to this housing, along the problems of segregation and marginalization and their impact on their livings. Attitudes towards Old Age: A Study of the Self-Image of Aged is another article by Philip O. Sijuwade, which looks into the different approaches , stereotypes, and age factors...

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