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Crossroads of Delaware
Thaddeus Williams
Delaware Technical Community College
Directed Practice 2
March 15, 2014

Agency Purpose
This report will provide a description of Crossroads of Delaware and the services they provide for adolescents who suffer from substance abuse and mental health problems. Crossroads offer a continuum of care services for adolescents and their families who reside in Delaware.
Historical Background
Crossroads founded in 1992 by, Dr. Mike Barbieri, MSW, LCSW, and Alberta Crowley, MHS, LCDP, to serve the needs of the substance abusing populations in Wilmington and New Castle County Delaware. In 2012, the founders of Crossroads decided to expand their services to Kent and Sussex County by opening another facility in Dover Delaware.
Mission Statement
The mission of Crossroads is very clear, “Crossroads of Delaware’s mission is to offer high quality, cost effective outpatient services for adolescents and their families having trouble associated with chemical dependency and mental health issues. Services are directed at assisting an individual to begin and maintain a sober lifestyle” (Delaware, Policy & Procedures Binder 1, 2013). Founded in 1992 by, Dr. Mike Barbieri, MSW, LCSW, and Alberta Crowley, MHS, LCDP, to serve the needs of the substance abusing populations in Wilmington and New Castle County Delaware. In 2012, the founders of Crossroads decided to expand their services to Kent and Sussex County by opening another facility in Dover Delaware.
Services Provided
Crossroads offers a full range of treatment services to both New Castle and Kent County adolescents and their families the following services are available at the Dover facility.

Community Based Outpatient Services
This program provides counseling and community support to the client and family at their home or at an agreed site. The counselor, client and...

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