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Agent Policy Paper Risk Management is defined as policies and procedures put in place to enhance infection control, patient safety, and quality of service. In healthcare there is always the risk of something getting out of hand and hurting a patient or even the staff of the facility. My facility is a Nursing Home/ Long-Term Care Facility about 2/3 of the residents are just elderly people suffering from ailing health, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. The other 1/3 is post-op recovery patients that need some where to recover before they head home; the average recovery time is 6-8 weeks. My facility has no one person dedicated to Risk Management. The closest we have is an Infection Control Nurse who is responsible for ensuring that no outbreaks of any sort happen and if it does happen it is her responsibility to ensure that the outbreak is contained as well. The Infection Control Nurse is also tasked with administering and keeping updated all records of TB tests. Upon asking her, I was informed that the current standards and policies were given to us during our initial employee orientation. My role as a Respiratory Therapist it falls to me to assist all the new patients as they come into our facility to determine their respiratory needs. Also in case of any code situation, it is the responsibility of the on-duty RT to take charge and stabilize the patient until Emergency Medical Services arrives and then transfer custody of the patient to EMS to deliver them to Emergency Department. The next is the responsibility and care of all Tracheostomy Residents by cleaning there trachs as needed, give medications, assess needs around the clock, and maintain oxygen saturations at acceptable levels. The final responsibility is to maintain all the oxygen equipment to standards and ensure that all supplies that are needed for Respiratory patients are always on hand. According to...

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