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Social Problems
August 28, 2012
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Individual change from time to time. As the age of a person increase, emotions and other aspects of life change too. To know the change and the emotions that a person goes through as time pass by from childhood to adult stage, an interview was conducted. I interviewed my grandmother, Arlene Wims, A 72 year old African American Female from Ijamsville, Maryland; who was raised by her mother who was a teacher and her father who fought in the Vietnam War and then was a steel worker. She has 4 sisters and 1 brother.
Her childhood consists of segregation and racism still being a part of life and although there were major changes when the U.S. supreme court ruled segregation in public schools. During her childhood, television was becoming more popular and sock hops were the thing to go to for entertainment and dances.
A period of time that Arlene has experienced is in 1963, when the civil rights march on Washington DC for jobs and freedom is attended by 250,00 people where Martin Luther King delivers his famous Martin Luther King speech from the steps of the Lincoln memorial. On February 21st, 1965, Malcolm X who was a black nationalist and the organization of afro American unity was assassinated. In 1966, the Black Panthers were founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. In 1967, Thurgood Marshall was appointed by President Johnson to the Supreme Court; he became the first black Supreme Court justice. In 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated by James Earl Ray in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1992, she remembers everything that had happen from the Rodney king beatings and the reason why the Los Angeles riots began. To her beliefs if the 4 police officers were not acquitted from the trial dealing with Rodney king those 6 days of rioting wouldn’t have happen. In 2008, Senator Barack Obama becomes the first African American to be elected…...

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... payments that need to be done, with them being in college or in high school. The morality she has on life is that how you act in public is a reflection of how the person raised you and what they have taught you. How you act isn’t just a reflection of yourself. It affects everyone you associate yourself with. So if you act a fool, it’s portraying that the person who raised you is a fool. When I asked Arlene what made it hard for her being her age, she answered, "People's attitude about older people. People tend to be a little skeptical about your ability. I don't like it when at gatherings, young people are always so courteous, and for some reason think they have to help you with everything you do. The interview that we conducted was really great; it took place in Ijamsville, Maryland on August 26, 2012. The interview was done because we are studying aging in our social problems class. What we spoke about was where she was raised and what she went through from when she was born until now, the things she saw and encountered while growing up in Maryland. What I’ve learned from this interview with my grandmother is that she has gone through many things and still is standing strong as a successful black woman. Every decade she went through she has encountered a different problem she had to overcome. The insights I have gained from this interview is that people change over time, No person is the same person they were a day ago, no matter what way you look at it. Every......

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... they are perceived to be withdrawn from the social world. We see the old as trying to be affluent and wield power i.e. political power (Palmore, 1999). This is the same reason why in Kenya it is seen that the old pool themselves to certain classes e.g. the old in politics hold most government positions which they would not want to leave making the youth feel more oppressed. Children base their views of aging and the aged mainly on the exposure they encounter. If a child's exposure to older people is based on negatively biased literature, media, and family influences, stereotypic and negative views of older people will likely become incorporated into his or her frame of reference (Seefeldt, Galpor, Serock, & Jantz, 1977; 1978). Studies of children's attitudes toward aging and old people have demonstrated that most children have negative attitudes and very limited knowledge of and contact with older people (Chappell, 1977 and Driver, 1981). What people do in order not to look aged or old A recent survey by the National Consumers League (2004) found that many Americans purchase products and go through medical procedures to hide the physical indicators of their age such as skin and hair including lifestyle. These products include creams or makeups that hide spots in old age, do away with or reduce wrinkles in their skin, and hair dye to change their hair color from grey to a more “youthful-looking” color because grey hair is associated with old age. Plastic surgery is...

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