Agrarian Discontent

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riGild- to cover boring base metal with a nice precious metal
“gilded age” credited to mark twain

The great leap forward- the prosperous economic times @ end of gilded age.
The great leap forward was mainly concentrated in the north.
The main cause of the GLF was the industrialization

Throughout the gilded age the north accounted for 80precent of the industrial advancements.

Until the 1800’s the only 2 components of the American economy was agriculture and overseas commerce.

Then during the war of 1812 that began to change.
The north started to do more manufacturing.

3 industries at the core of GLF
steel industry
railroad industry
coal industry

steel industry- over 400 steel companies.
But only produced 200,000 tons of steel
In 1900 – fewer than 80 steel companies
But they produce 10million tons of steel
Railroad industry – customers of steel coal and timber industry
Government realized that railroad was so important
So they gave it a lot of land.
Coal Industry – Saudi Arabia of coal
More here than anyone in the world.

The Working People of The Gilded Age.
Category A workers –
white collar people.
Had higher status
Needed higher education. **category A&B =Middle Class
Category B workers –
Skilled workers
Worked with hands
Did not dress nicely to work
Got paid very well due to their skills
Sometimes more than category A’s
Category C workers-
Not very skilled
Got very dirty
Dangerous jobs
Taken for granted
Coal miners
All miners
Category c workers were in the new immigrants class
1880 – cutoff point for immigrants.
Before 1880 immigrants came from the western European areas.
These were OLD immigrants
These people were WASPs (white Anglo-Saxon protestants)
Although there were some Catholics as…...