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Business Analytics - End Term Exam (Answer Sheet)

Max Marks 50 Time 120 Mins


1. Please continue to type your answers in this document itself from the second page onwards.
2. Your answers should not exceed 5 pages. Total pages in the document file will be 6, including this instructions page. Delete any extra blank pages.
3. Enter the unique numeric part of your roll number in the box provided at the beginning of page 2 of this answer sheet.
4. You are free to copy tables and charts from SPSS to excel to clean them and present them with a better look. This answer sheet is the only document that you need to submit. Other documents such as SPSS output etc are definitely not required to be submitted.
5. Please save the file and use your roll number as the name of the file. For example the name of the file will be RollXX where XX is the unique numeric part of your roll number. Save the file in the current format only. Do not save as PDF or other formats.

|Roll # | | | | | | |



| |Initial |Extraction |
|It is cumbersome to get refund if |1.000 |.415 |
|financial transaction fails | | |
|I am worried that personal |1.000 |.744 |
|information might be revealed | | |
|Accessing the web page of an online|1.000 |.561 |
|store is time consuming | | |
|Internet shopping encourages |1.000 |.520 |
|impulsive buying of products | | |
|The touch & feel experience is |1.000 |.544 |