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Question 1. a) (i) (ii) The sequence an converges to a if for any
1 1

> 0 there exists an N such that |xn − a| <

for n ≥ N

(3n + 22n ) n = (3n + 4n ) n → max {3, 4} = 4 by a standard result.
4n2 2n +2n3 4n 8n4 2n +n3 4n


4 ( n )( 1 )n +2 2 8n( 1 )n +1 2 1 4

→ 2 by the product, sum and quotient rule.
1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1

5 5 (iii) (5n3 +6n4 ) n = 6 n n n ( 6n +1) n and limn→∞ 6 n n n = limn→∞ 6 n (n n ×n n ×n n ×n n ) = 1 and limn→∞ ( 6n +1) n = 1 1 4 1 7 and hence limn→∞ 5 n n n ( 5n + 1) n = 1 by the product rule.


A sequence an eventually has some property if ∃N such that aN +n has this property ∀n > 0. b Assume bn → b and choose = 2 then ∃N such that for n > N , |bn − b| < b 2


3b b < bn < 2 2
2 b2

b so eventually bn > 2 . If b > 0 then eventually


1 bbn

so 2 |bn − b| 1 1 |bn − b| > = | − | > 0. b2 |bbn | bn b

Hence by the sandwich theorem an a bn → b . c)

1 bn

1 b

and then if we let an → a then by the product rule an ×

1 bn


1 b

and hence

n+1 Ratio Lemma: If | aan | ≤ l where 0 ≤ l < 1 then an → 0. n+1 Want to prove that if | aan | ≤ l where 0 ≤ l < 1 then 0 < an+1 < ln a1 We will use proof by induction. First for n = 1, |a2 | ≤ l|a1 | which is true by the assumption on the sequence. Now assume that 0 ≤ |an+1 | ≤ ln |a1 |. Then for the induction step since |an+2 | < l|an+1 | then |an+2 | ≤ ln+1 |an+1 |. So since 0 ≤ l < 1, ln → 0 and then by the sandwich rule an → 0


By definition lim sup an = lim sup am . n→∞ n→∞ m≥n


> 0 then as limn→∞ bn = b > 0 then ∃N s.t. for n ≥ N |bn − b| < .

So for n ≥ N sup am bm ≥ sup am (b − ) = (b − ) sup am . m≥n m≥n m≥n

Taking the limit as n → ∞ lim sup an bn ≥ (b − ) lim sup an . n→∞ n→∞

Since this is true ∀ > 0 we have that lim sup an bn ≥ b lim sup an . n→∞ n→∞

Likewise we can show that lim supn→∞ an bn ≤ b lim supn→∞ an . Hence lim sup an bn = b lim sup an . n→∞ n→∞

Question 2. 1


A function f : E → R is continuous at c if for any > 0 there exists a δ > 0 such that if |x − c| < δ and x ∈ E then |f (x) − f (c)| < .

f is sequentially continuous at c if for every sequence xn ∈ E if xn → c then f (xn ) → f (c). The two are equivalent. b) By the triangle inequality, |f (x)g(x) − f (c)g(c)| = |f (x)g(x) − f (c)g(x) + f (c)g(x) − f (c)g(c)| ≤ |f (x)g(x) − f (c)g(x)| + |f (c)g(x) − f (c)g(c)| ≤ |g(x)||f (x) − f (c)| + |f (c)||g(x) − g(c)|. Let > 0 choose δ1 > 0 s.t. |g(x) − g(c)| < 2f (c) for |x − c| < δ1 . This δ1 exists since g is continuous. Now we choose δ2 > 0 such that if |x − c| < δ2 then |g(x) − g(c)| < 1 ⇒ |g(x)| < |g(c)| + 1. Since 2 (|g(c)| + 1) > 0 we can choose δ3 > 0 such that if |x − c| < δ3 then |f (x) − f (c)| < 2 (|g(c)| + 1). Finally choose δ = min{δ1 , δ2 , δ3 }, then if |x − c| < δ then |f (x)g(x) − f (c)g(c)| < and so f g is continuous. f (x) is continuous only at 0, π, 2π. Let c = 0, π or 2π and fix > 0. Since sin x is cts ∃δ > 0 s.t. for |x − c| < δ | sin x − sin c| = | sin x| < . So since |f (x) − f (c)| ≤ | sin(x)| < f is cts at c. Now let c ∈ Q \ {π, 2π} and let xn → c with xn ∈ Q. / Then f (xn ) = 0 = f (c) so f is discontinuous at c ∈ Q. / If c ∈ Q \ {0}, then let xn → c with xn ∈ Q so / f (xn ) = sin xn → sin c = 0 = f (c) so f is not cts at c. d) Let h(x) = sin x 0 for x = 0 for x = 0. c)

Then g(x) = f (x)h(x). 1 We claim that g is cts at c ∈ { kπ : k ∈ N} ∪ {0, π, 2π}. Pick c ∈ {0, π, 2π}, then note that g(c) = 0 and |g(x)| ≤ |f (x)| → 0 So f is cts at c. 1 Similarly pick c ∈ { kπ : k ∈ N} then g(c) = 0 and |g(x)| ≤ |h(x)| → 0 as x → c. as x → c.

So f is cts at c. Both proofs use the fact that f and h are bounded by 1. If c ∈ { kπ : k ∈ N} ∪ {0, π, 2π} then we can find two sequences s.t. xn ∈ Q with xn → c so / 1 g(xn ) = 0 → 0 and yn ∈ Q with yn → c with / g(yn ) = sin yn sin e) (i) False. f (x) = x + 2π x if x ≥ 0. x < 0. 1 1 → sin c sin = 0. yn c

f (x) is clearly discontinuous, however sin(x) = sin(x + 2π) so sin(f (x)) is continuous. (ii) False K(x) = 1, if x ∈ Q. −1, x ∈ Q. f (x) = 1 K is clearly bounded but Kf is not continuous. 2

(iii) True. Let h(x) = f (x) − g(x). Then h(x) = 0 for all irrational x and h is continuous. Let xn ∈ Q such that xn converges to c ∈ Q. Since h is continuous h(xn ) → h(c) and since h(xn ) = 0 for all n, h(c) = 0 and hence h(x) = 0 for all x. Hence f (x) = g(x) for all x. (iv) False 1 Let f (x) = x and xn = Question 3. a) Assume there exists a φ(x) such that f (x) = f (c) + φ(x)(x − c) then f (c) = lim f (x) − f (c) f (c) + φ(x)(x − c) − f (c) = lim = φ(x). x→c x−c x−c
1 n

→ 0. Then limn→∞ f (xn ) = ∞ however f (x) =

1 x

is not continuous at 0.


Hence f is differentiable at c and its derivative is equal to φ(c). Now assume that f is differentiable at a point c and let φ(x) = f (x)−f (c) , x−c

f (c),

if x = c. x = c.

Then f (x) = f (c) + φ(x)(x − c) and since f is differentiable at c, φ(x) is continuous at c.
1 b) Just need to find a φ(x) such that x2 sin( x ) = 0 + xφ(x) and that φ(x) is continuous at 0. By inspection φ(x) = 1 x sin( x ) which is defined as

φ(x) =

1 x sin( x ), if x = 0. 0, x = 0.


φ(x) is continuous at 0 hence f (x) is differentiable at 0. c) d) Let limx→∞ g(x) = l for l ∈ R if for all > 0 there exists an X such that for all x > X then |g(x) − l| < . limx→∞ g(x) = ∞ if for all M > 0 there exists an X such that for all x > X then g(x) > M . (i) True. > 0 ∃M such that for all x > M , | f (x) f (x) − 1| < ⇔ 1 − < < 1 + ⇔ x(1 − ) < f (x) < x(1 + ). x x

Then as x → ∞, f (x) → ∞ by the sandwich theorem. (ii) False Let f (x) = x + 1 then limx→∞ x+1 x

= 1 however limx→∞ (f (x) − x) = limx→∞ (x + 1 − x) = 1 = 0 > 0 there exists an M > 0 such that for all x > M , |f (x) − x| < ⇔ − < f (x) − x < .

(iii) True If limx→∞ (f (x) − x) = 0 then for all


x− x


f (x) x


x+ x

so by the sandwich theorem limx→∞ f (x) = 1. x then x − < f (x) < x + . So

(iv) True. Let > 0 then there exists an M > 0 such that for all x > M , |f (x) − x| < (x − )2 < f (x)2 < (x + )2 , =⇒ −2x + 2 < f (x)2 − x2 < 2 x + 2 . So by the sandwich theorem f (x) − x2 → 0. Question 4.

a) Rolle’s Theorem: If f : [a, b] → R is continuous and f (a) = f (b) then there exists a point c ∈ (a, b) such that f (c) = 0. b) Mean Value Theorem: If f : [a, b] → R is continuous on [a, b] and differentiable on (a, b) then there exists a point c ∈ (a, b) such that f (c) = f (b)−f (a) b−a Proof. Let f : [a, b] → R be continuous. Then let g(x) = f (x) − f (c) = f (b)−f (a) b−a f (b)−f (a) (x b−a

− a) so g(a) = g(b) and hence we can apply f (b)−f (a) b−a

Rolle’s Theorem. So there exists a c ∈ (a, b) such that g (c) = 0 and therefore g (c) = f (c) − = 0. 3

= 0 and hence

c) If |f (x)| ≤ 1 for all x and f is differentiable for all f then for any region [a, b] ⊂ R there is a c ∈ [a, b] such that 2 1 f (c) = f (b)−f (a) by the mean value theorem. Since |f (x)| ≤ 2 for all x then | f (b)−f (a) | ≤ 1 so b−a b−a 2 |f (b) − f (a)| ≤ 1 |b − a|. 2

Since our choice of a and b were arbitrary this holds for any a and b. d) Intermediate Value theorem: If f : [a, b] → R is continuous and assume f (a) < f (b) then ∀v ∈ (f (a), f (b)) there exists a c ∈ (a, b) such that f (c) = v. e) Let a ∈ [−1, 1], choose c s.t. sin(c) = a. We claim that g is cts at c. Note that g(c) = a. Let > 0, the since sin(x) is cts ∃δ > 0 s.t. |x − c| < δ So if |x − c| < δ then |g(x) − g(c)| ≤ max {|a − a|, | sin(x) − sin(c)|} = | sin(x) − sin(c)| < . So g is cts at c. f) Let h(x) = f (x) − x then h(x) is continuous. h(a) = f (a) − a ≥ a − a = 0 and h(b) = f (b) − b ≤ b − b = 0. Then if h(a) = 0, a is our wanted point. If h(b) = 0, b is our wanted point. Otherwise we have h(a) > 0 and h(b) < 0 then by the intermediate value theorem there is a point c ∈ [a, b] such that h(c) = 0 which means f (c) = c. Question 5. a) Choose = f (c) > 0 then since f is continuous at c there exists a δ > 0 such that if |x − c| < δ then |f (x) − f (c)| < 2 (c) ⇔ 0 < f (c) < f (x) < 3f2 so if x ∈ (c − δ, c + δ) then f (x) > 0. 2 b) If f (c) > 0 then by part a) ∃ a δ > 0 s.t. f (x) > 0 ∀x ∈ (c − δ, c + δ). Now let x, y ∈ (c − δ, c + δ) with x < y then by the mean value theorem ∃c ∈ (x, y) ⊂ (c − δ, c + δ) s.t. f (y) − f (x) = f (c) > 0. y−x Which implies f (y) > f (x) so f is increasing in (c − δ, c + δ). c) Extreme Value Theorem: If f : [a, b] → is continuous then there exists m, M ∈ R such that m ≤ f (x) ≤ M for all x ∈ [a, b]. Furthermore there exists x, x ∈ [a, b] such that f (x) ≤ f (x) ≤ f (¯) for all x ∈ [a, b]. ¯ x d) f (x) = limx→0 f (x) = ∞ and limx→1 f (x) = −∞. e) f (x) = arctan(x) f is bounded by f) (i) −π, π 2 2 however never attains these values.
1 x, 1 x−1 ,


| sin(x) − sin(c)| < .

if 0 < x ≤ 0.5. 0.5 < x < 1.

Since f (x) → 0 as x → ±∞ there exists X s.t. |f (x)| < f (0) 2 for |x| > X.

Now consider f on [−X, X]. f is bounded on [−X, X] by EVT so let |f (x)| ≤ Aon[−X, X] and note that A ≥ f (0). Since |f (x)| < f (0) ∀|x| > X then |f (x)| ≤ A ∀x ∈ R. 2 (ii) By above f achieves its maximum on [−X, X]. sup f (x) = x∈R sup x∈[−X,X] f (x) so by EVT ∃x0 ∈ [−X, X] s.t. f (x0 ) = A.

Question 6. 4

a) Taylor’s theorem: Let x > x0 . Suppose that f is n times continuously differentiable on [x0 , x] and n + 1 times differentiable on (x0 , x). Then n f (k) (x0 ) (x − x0 )k + Rn (x) f (x) = k! k=0 for some ξ ∈ (x0 , x). where Rn (x) = This also holds for x < x0 , if f is n times continuously differentiable on [x, x0 ] and n + 1 times differentiable on (x, x0 ). b) n (x−x0 )n+1 (n+1) (ξ) (n+1)! f

sin(1) = k=0 (−1)n + Rn (1) (2n + 1)! sin(ξ) (n+1)!

We want Rn (1) < 0.01 where Rn (1) = we choose n = 4.

sin(ξ) (n+1)!) .

We know sin(ξ) ≤ 1∀ξ so

1 (n+1)!

then we want

1 (n+1)!


1 100


sin(1) = k=0 (−1)n (2n + 1)!

to 0.01 precision. So sin(1) ≈

263 315

1 1 1 1 1 c) (i) f ( m = f ( n + n + · · · + n ) m times. This is equal to f ( n ) × · · · × f ( n ) m times by the property of the function n 1 m 1 1 1 which is equal to f ( n )m . Now f (1) = f ( n )n hence f ( n ) = f (1) n and so f ( m ) = f (1) n . n f (0 + y) = f (0)f (y) then f (y) = f (0)f (y) and hence f (0) = 1


By completeness and continuity f (x) = (f (1))x ∀x ∈ R. So f (x) = (f (1))x log(f (1)).

As 1 = f (0) = log(f (1)) then f (x) = (f (1))x = f (x). By induction f (n) (x) = f (x) for all n. (iii) n f (x) = i=0 xn+1 f (0) i x + f (ξ) i! (n + 1)!

for ξ ∈ (0, x)

Now |Rn (x)| = | If we consider an =
|x|n x+1 , n! |f (1)|

xn+1 |x|n+1 (f (1))ξ | ≤ |f (1)|x+1 . (n + 1)! (n + 1)!


an+1 |x|n+1 n! 1 |x| |= |f (1)|x+1 n = →0 x+1 an (n + 1)! |x| |f (1)| n+1

then by the ratio test an → 0 and so |Rn (x) → 0 as n → ∞. d) Let f (x) = First assume that f (n) (0) = 0 ∀n then

e − x2 0


x=0 x = 0.


f (i) (0) i x = 0. i!

So f (x) = unless x = 0. Now we show that f (n) (0) = 0. e− x2 y lim = lim y2 = 0 + y→∞ e x x→o
1 where y = x . Also

f (i) (0) i i! x



e − x2 y = lim y2 = 0 y→∞ e x


hence f (0) exists and f (0) = 0. 1 P (x) Since f (n) (x) = Q(x) e− x2 for polynomials P, Q then we have that f (n) (0) = 0 ∀n. 5

Question 7. a) If the radius of convergence is R then a power series n=0 an xn converges for |x| < R. If R = 0 then the power series only converges for x = 0 and if R = ∞ then the power series converges for any x. b) Let lim sup |an | n = r. Then the radius of convergence is n→∞ r = ∞ then the radius of convergence is 0. c) R= d) (ii)


1 r.

If r = 0 then the radius of converges is ∞ and if

1 n+1 limn→∞ | aan |


By the ratio test R = ∞. 3n

x2n = an xn 2n+1 n−0 n=0 where a2n =
3n 2n+1

and a2n+1 = 0. So lim sup |an | n = lim | n→∞ n→∞ 2 3

3 (2n + 1)
1 n

= lim


3 2(1 +

1 2n )


3 . 2

So by Hadamards test the radius of convergence is (iii) e)

lim sup |an | n = 4. So the radius of convergence is 1 . 4 n→∞ Consider lim | an+1 (n + 1)xn+1 (n + 1)an+1 xn+1 n + 1 an+1 an+1 an+1 xn+1 | = lim | | = lim | |. x| = lim | x| = lim | n→∞ n→∞ n→∞ n→∞ an nxn nan xn n an an an xn


As lim f) and

n+1 = 1 then by the ratio test they have the same order of convergence. n→∞ n
∞ n=0

an xn converges so

∞ n=2

an xn converges so x−1
∞ ∞

∞ n=2

an xn−1 converges. Therefore as x → 0.

∞ n=2

an xn−1 converges

an xn−1 = x n=2 n=0

an+2 xn → 0


f (x) − a0 − a1 x →0 x lim

as x → 0.

Therefore x→0 f (x) − a0 = a1 . x

Since f (0) = a1 then f (0) = a1 .


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Edward 'Ned' Kelly Australian Bushranger

...named Richard Shelton form drowning in a creek. As a reward for his bravery he was awarded a green sash from the boy's family. Later on , the Kelly family moved to Avenel near Seymour. The family soon attracted the attention of the local police. Red Kelly was soon noted as a cattle thief. In 1865 Red was convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison due to him not being able to pay the 25 pound fine. The prison had a fatal effect for Red health. On December 27th 1866 Red Kelly died shortly after his release from Kilmore jail. When he died he left behind a total of 8 children. This led to Ned Kelly being the oldest male of the household. Ned Kelly's first criminal act was in 1869 at the age of 14. He was charged with the assault and robbery of Ah Fook( a pig and fowl trader) because apparently Fook was just passing Ned Kelly's home, when Ned approached him with a long bamboo stick, Convincing him that he will kill him if he doesn't hand over his money. Moments later Ned took Fook into the bush and beat him the bamboo stick and took 10 shillings. According to 3 witnesses , Ned Kelly's sister "Annie" and two other witnesses "Bill Grey" and Bill Skilling said that he was lying. They said that Annie was just sitting down sewing in front of the house when Fook approached her and asked for a drink of water. Seeing that it wasn't rain water apparently Fook started abusing Annie. Then Ned Kelly came outside and pushed Fook over. Fook then took out his long bamboo stick and proceeded......

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9 Day Love Story

...Jae- jane Darren- walter Ash- harrif Brandon- Brandon Uz- sir uzman Andy- dee an sheen- kyle kelly khan Chapter 1 * I just got home this March for my summer vacation after our two months of classes at the university. I was just a freshman collage experiencing my first heart break while still he is in the junior year of high school. DAY 1 POV- Jae Hindi palang ako nakakarating sa bahay naming from my long trip galing ng Manila then my nag text….. Beep.. beep beep From Darren (one my high school school mate) “San ka na ba? Excited na akong Makita ka! Para akong nabuhayan sa bag babalik mo.. May sasabihin pala ako mamaya sayo. Kita nalang tayo sa school 3 pm” Di hindi na ako naka replay kasi nandito napala sa gate ng house namin. Mama! Daddy! ^___________________^ Sabay hug ng Makita ko ang mga paren`1ts at kapatid ko. Hahahahah ang saya ko ^_^ Excited naman ang kapatid ko kaya kinalkal agad niya and back seat ng car. “ate thank you ^_^” sabi niya ng makita at makuha agad ang pasalubong ko sa kanya. Kulit kulit talaga niya kaya nga favorite ko siya. Then pumasok na kami sa bahay. Ligo muna.. Palit palit Then ayos ayos Agad naman akong pumunta sa school para dun sa sinabi ni Darren. Ilang minute lang naman ang layo ng school kaya nag lakad nalang ako total namimis ko din ang mga kapit bahay naming ditto…. “hi” sabi agad niya nung makita niya ako pababa ng kalsada, munghang saya saya naman niya. “ano kayang......

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Cross Cultural Differences

...Asian Social Science October, 2008 A Cross-cultural Study of Daily Communication between Chinese and American -- From the Perspective of High Context and Low Context Jianeng Wang Foreign Languages College, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou 310018, China E-mail: Abstract In cross-cultural communication, ignorance of contexts usually leads to misunderstanding and conflicts. Based on Edward. T. Hall’s notion of high-context and low-context, this paper aims to generalize the basic distinctive characteristics of the two contexts by analyzing the actual cases in daily communication between American and Chinese. This paper also tries to conclude some tips for communication crossing the two contexts in accordance with the case analysis. Keywords: High-context, Low-context, Communicatio, Culture 1. About Hall’s high-context and low-context Context is important in all communication, but it is relatively more important in some situations than in others. There are also significant differences across cultures in the ways and the extent to which people communicate through context. One of the main distinctions between cultures has been the notion of high and low context cultures, proposed by the American anthropologies Edward. T. Hall in his 1976 classic, Beyond Culture (Hall, 2000). 1.1 What is high/low-context? Edward T. Hall has described cultural differences in the use of language and context in communication. He calls communication that occurs mostly......

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Monologue About Fire

...This is the year. They tell us that all the time about all the other years, but this is the year. Hell, this could be the day, week, month, or however long this season goes for. What a load of nonsense. Day after day, it’s the same business… rolling hoses, emergency drills, cleaning boots, sweeping station bays, truck checks… ah the life of a firefighter. I don’t remember seeing anything about spending hours cleaning the trucks, doing gear checks or anything like what I’m doing now in those State Bushfire Service recruitment commercials. ‘Volunteer now! Your community needs you!’ Yeah that’s what they told us. Don’t get me wrong I love the service. The friends that I have met in this brigade will be my friends forever. Civvies just don’t understand...

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Inescapable ko sa room ha.^^,” Natatawang sabi sakin ni Isobela. Nako nautusan pa ko. “K.” Maikling sagot ko sa kniya nang nakangiti. “Ano ba naman tong vending machine na to! BV naman! Uhaw na koooo. Bat ba kasi di nauso drinking fountain dito!” Inis na inis kong sabi sa vending machine habang hinahampas at sinisipa to. “Tss. Ako na nga.” “Ay coke ni maria!” Nagulat ako nang may nagsalita sa likuran ko. Si Faustino Sans pala. “Alin ba dito?” Ang taray ha. “Sprite saka Water.” Nakatitig kong sabi sa kaniya. Nung siya na ang gumamit, gumana yung machine. “Wow, how’d you do that?” Nakangiting sabi ko.. “I pressed ENTER.” Sabay abot sakin ng drinks. Kahiya, akala ko kasi pag pinindot mo na yung napili mong drink it’ll automatically get it. “Ah, Thank You!” Tuwang-tuwa kong sabi. “I didn’t do it for you. Ang ingay mo kasi, di ako makatulog.” Sabay alis. Tss. Ang taray niya. Akala ko pa naman mabait siya. Di ko naman alam na may tao sa room 3302. At lalong-lalo ng di ko inaasahang andun siya. Sa building 1 kaya room niya. Haay. Makapasok na nga ng room ko. “Oh Isobel.” Binigay ko ng padabog. “Ang tagal mo naman. Bat ka badtrip?” “Wala.” Pumasok na yung teacher namin. “Today’s December 1. So Who’s excited for the Masquerade Ball this December 30?” Nakangiting sabi ng teacher namin. “Me!” “Ako din po!” Madaming natuwa at na excite. Habang ako… Sakto lang. Hahaha. Kasi birthday ko January 1. “Kath! Anong color susuotin mo? Mag red ka! Para birthday na birthday mo!”......

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...0 TREASURE ISLAND By Robert Louis Stevenson Publisher’s Notes This eBook is designed, edited and published by PDFBooksWorld and can be accessed & downloaded for personal reading by registered members of PDFBooksWorld at Though the text, illustrations and images used in this book are out of copyright, this unique PDF formatted edition is copyrighted. Readers of this book can share and link to pages of our website through blogs and social networks, however the PDF files downloaded from our website shall not be stored or transmitted in any form for commercial purpose. Disclaimer: This edition is an electronic version of a public domain book, which was originally written many decades ago. Hence contents found in this eBook may not be relevant to the contemporary scenarios. This book shall be read for informative and educational purpose only. This eBook is provided ‘AS-IS’ with no other warranties of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for any purpose. 1 Contents Treasure Island ............................................................................ 1 Contents .................................................................................... 2 PART ONE ................................................................................... 3 The Old Buccaneer ....................................................................... 3 The Old Sea-dog at the......

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...Very important. But, let me clarify. . .differences are not the same as intellectual compatibility and should not be confused. Having different interests does not mean two people are intellectually incompatible. It simply means they have different interests. . . I was married to a guy who lacked intelligence (hmmm, what does that say about mine? Ha ha ha). It was frustrating to say the least because I had to converse with him on his level which was extremely hard to do. I was the smarter one, so I had the burden of managing everything in our lives from finances to housekeeping. Conversation was dull and limited. I can't describe him any better than by anecdote: -One day he came home looking very frustrated and I asked him what was wrong. He was perplexed over a joke a co-worker had told him. Joke: A guy walks into a bar Punchline: Ouch! He didn't get it and I spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to explain it to him. -His view of income tax/home buying. We were in a situation where we were losing the annual equivalent of my take home pay to income tax. Our rent was significantly more than what we would be paying if we bought a starter house or condo. I did the numbers and buying looked good and we qualified for a mortgage. "Why do we have to buy a house? I don't see why we should worry about the government taking our money, after all, they do good things with it, right?" I am not joking. This is almost exactly what he said. My mouth was agape. I......

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Irvine Welsh

...Irvine Welsh Irvine Welsh was born in Edinburgh in 1958. He lived in London after leaving school, but returned to his native city where he worked in the Council's housing department. He gained a degree in computer science and studied for an MBA at Heriot Watt University. His first novel, Trainspotting (1993), a blackly comic portrait of a group of young heroin users living in Edinburgh in the 1980s, was adapted as a film directed by Danny Boyle in 1996. The Acid House, a collection of short stories, was published in 1994 and was followed by Welsh's second novel, Marabou Stork Nightmares (1995), a harrowing stream-of-consciousness narrated by football hooligan Roy Strang. Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, a collection of three novellas, was published in 1996, and a third novel, Filth, a vivid account of the violent adventures of a bigoted, racist and corrupt Scottish policeman, was published in 1998. Glue (2001), is the story of four boys growing up in an Edinburgh housing estate. Porno, a sequel to Trainspotting, was published in 2002. Welsh is also the author of two plays, Headstate (1994) and You'll Have Had Your Hole (1998). 4 Play, an omnibus edition of four stage adaptations of Welsh's fiction by Harry Gibson and Keith Wyatt, was published in 2001. His screenplay of The Acid House was directed for Channel 4 Films by Paul McGuigan (1998). His journalism includes a column for Loaded magazine and occasional articles for The Guardian. He is also a DJ and has......

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