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For the purpose of this assignment I will first introduce what Artificial intelligence means in the world of information systems. I will give points to both its advantages and disadvantages of its uses.
Artificial Intelligence is considered the development of machines such as robots and security systems to perform the job of humans. They even have feelings, thoughts, preferences and the ability to understand human speech (Russell, 2009).

In 1941, the most intelligent machine was an invention in the form of the electronic computer. Who would have thought 60 years from then that the same computer would be perfected beyond leaps and bounds and be used to control other machines, as well as be part of day to day living? In 1956, John McCarthy, considered the father of Artificial Intelligence, organized a conference where intellectuals gathered to learn of this phenomenon (Lee, 1992). This laid the foundation for the advancements in artificial intelligence today.

Today artificial intelligence is used in our homes and sophisticated establishments such as military bases and the NASA space station. NASA has even sent out artificially intelligent robots to grace some planets and to learn more about their atmosphere and habitat, the intention being to investigate if there is a possibility of humans living on other planets.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of the use of artificial intelligence in business and in our day to day lives. Some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence include:

• Machines can be used to take on complex and stressful work that would be otherwise performed by humans

• Machines can complete the task faster than a human assigned to do the same task

• Use of robotics to discover unexplored landscape, outer space and also be useful in our home activities

• Less danger, injury and stress to humans as...

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