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Use AIDA model
• Attention: Kelly Staffing can provide you with all the different types of workers that you need. We can manage pay and benefits effectively and we’ll have onsite inspectors monitoring the care and safety of the workers.
• Interest: Kelly agency will assume responsibility for all workers and aspects of the workers. They will pay, manage, and care for the workers Walmart will only have a relationship with Kelly Services, so if something happens then Walmart is not responsible.
• Desire: We want to prove to Walmart that we are their long term solution to their temporary employment needs. We want to prove to them that this is a viable alternative to operational tempo fluxes and that we can fill that need.
• Action: Kelly Services will impress Walmart and will prove to Walmart that we are all you need for temporary staffing and all things associated with such.
Maintain legal and ethical standards, demonstrate your awareness by writing a tailored message for your business.
• Kelly Services provides employment to 560,000 employees annually.
• Kelly Services is currently ranked 441 in the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest companies
• Kelly Services has been recognized for its quality processes, management practices, supplier diversity, and community involvement with the awarding of Intel Corporation’s Certified Supplier Quality Award, Johnson & Johnson’s Supplier Diversity Partnership Award, Sara Lee Corporation’s Outstanding Service and Support Award, American Red Cross/Southeast Michigan Corporate Citizen Award, Michigan Minority Business Development Council’s “Corporation of the Year”, Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” list, and Workforce Magazine’s “80 People, Events & Trends that Shaped HR”

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