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Aima Ranking Methodology for B Schools

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In our endeavor to encourage management education in India and provide authentic information to all its stakeholders, All India Management Association (AIMA) conducts an annual survey on the “Best Business Schools” in India.

AIMA’s objective to undertake this survey is purely in keeping with its mission to enhance the professional management in the country. The Survey of B-Schools is totally objective, unbiased, transparent and helps benchmark the management institutes in addition to providing authentic information to all the stake-holders.

In 2000, a high-powered committee, comprising academicians and professionals from business and industry, decided the parameters on which B-Schools were to be rated, and the weights that were to be assigned to each of these parameters for arriving at the final ratings.

While deciding the weightages for each parameter, AICTE norms laid for the Management Schools were strictly followed. The parameters on which B Schools are rated mainly includes:

Intellectual Capital

Admissions and Placements


Industry Interface


A structured questionnaire is designed keeping in view the above parameters.
The survey is designed for Business Schools approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) / Universities.


The ratings have been conducted with the help of IMRB International, a leading Research Agency in India, and published in AIMA’s Indian Management in Association with Business Standard.


The questionnaires are sent to all approved B-Schools, who are requested to revert with the completed questionnaires to either IMRB or AIMA.

Each completed questionnaire is thoroughly scrutinised for missing and misrepresented data, if any. The data is checked...

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