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Aims and Objectives of Research Project

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|Research and Development Skills |May 7 |
| |2014 |
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Table of Contents

Aims and Objectives: 2
Review of Current State of Proposed Area: 4
Major Milestones and Deliverables: 5
Scientific Risk Analysis: 7
Resources Needed and Architecture: 8
Architecture 9
Ethical, Legal, Professional Issues and Academic Misconduct: 10 Code of Ethics: 11
Bibliography 11

Aims and Objectives:

The main of this study is to develop software that will allow voice command to be converted into text and then to be displayed on the output monitor or to be converted into command to perform a particular action, the primary aim will be to perform adequate amounts of research in the field of voice recognition in order to develop such tool that can be used to convert speech to text and voice to text command for a particular system to perform a task.
The main objectives to achieve this will be to have a clear development plan with a clear software development cycle, having the software development cycle will not be enough on its own and constant monitoring of the development will be very critical objective in order to achieve the aim.

The first aim will be to perform enough research in order to decide if there is a scope with in such development, there will be few objectives with in this some of the objectives will include performing thorough search to see if there is any demand with in such type of software, as well its future aspects to...

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