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1. At which angle would you approach a UH-60? A. 45 degrees C. 15 degrees B. 90 degrees D. 40 degrees

2. When approaching A/C how would you add stability? A. Bend forward at waist B. Approach from the rear C. Maintain low silhouette D. A & C

3. How many emergency exits are on CH-47D? A. 12 windows C. All windows minus windshield B. All windows D. 4 windows

4. What is the crash positions for the UH-60L? A. Bend forward at waist B. Stand Straight up C. Sit up right D. Sit Indian style

5. What three items must be on you at all times?

6. How many first aid kits will be on a UH-60L? A. 7 B. 2 C. 1 D. 3

7. The maximum airspeed for a UH-60 A/L/M is 193 mph. True or False

8. The CH-47D/ F can carry 24 combat equipped troops. True or False

9. The HH-60A/L/M MEDEVAC in normal configuration can carry 4litter patient and 2 ambulatory patient. True or False


11. What is an AH-64A called? A. Attack helicopter B. Attack helicopter 64-A C. Area helicopter D. Apache

12. The UH- 60L has __ emergency fall out window. A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5

13. On the CH-47D/F what is the total cargo hook capacity for dual hook load? A. 50,000LBS B. 17,000oz C. 26,000oz D. 26,000LBS

14. The CH-47D/F can conduct waterborne operations? True or False

15. The UH-60A/L/M Blackhawk carries 20 combat equipped troops without troop without seats. TRUE OR FALSE

16. What is the maximum litter capacity that a CH-47D/F can carry? A. 31 B. 25 C. 4 D. 24

17. Which one of the following mission are not true about the CH-47D/F: A. Troop and cargo transport. B. Waterborne Operations C. Airborne Operations. D. Mass casualty evacuation when used during CASEVAC missions.

18. What is the number of crew on the OH-58D? A. 3 B.5 C. 4 D.2

19. The primary mission of the OH-58D? A. Air Assault B. Waterborne Operations C. Troop carrying D. Security and Air Defense

20. What is the length of the usable Hoist Cable? A. 251ft B. 256cm C. 250ft D. 3,000in

21. How many meters are required for a LZ for for all sling load air craft? A.100 B.80 C. 50. D.35

22. What are the three phases of PZ/LZ Operations?

23. Pathfinder Operations provide navigational assistance and air traffic advisories to Army aircraft that encompass selecting, improving, marking,and controlling the pick up/ landing zone that supports any Air Assault, Airborne, or ground operation. Is this statement True or False

24. The 50 meter landing size zone is used for what to A/C? A. UH- 60, UH-13 B. UH-30, CH-47 C. UH- 60, AH-64 D. All the above

25. Which on of the following are not a flying/landing formation: A. Trail B. Staggered trail straight C. Diamond D. Heavy Left/Right

26. Give two advantages of aeromedical evacuation: 1. 2.

27. What was the OH-13 Sioux called? A. The Angels of Christ B. The Arch Angels C. The Angels of Grace D. The Angel of Mercy.

28. What is the total tensile strength for all litters? A. 101lbs. B. 173lbs C. 375lbs. D. 400lbs

29. During a areomedevac when is the priorityI loaded in the aircraft? A. In the middle B. Last C. First. D. Fourth

30. When conducting the Nine Line request for Aeromedevac which lines are needed to get the air craft into the air? A. 1,3,5,7,9 B. 1,2,4,5,9 C. 1,2,3,4,5 D. None of the above.

31. How many patient classification are there by precedence? A. 9. B. 5 C. 3. D. 7

32. The Jungle Forrest Penetrator tensile strength is ________. A. 400knots B. 400lbs B. 200oz. C. 600lbs

33. How many patient classification are there by type? A. 2 B. 9 C. 7 D. 3

34. What does the abbreviation for PZ stand for?

35. What does the abbreviation for LZ stand for?

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