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What Is Next in Air Care Scent Trends?
Article | 18 Aug 2011
Fragrance developments have moved air care from the functional to the emotional, but what does that mean for future trends in scent?
Air Care No Longer a Cover Up
Not so long ago, the primary if not only function of air fresheners was to mask unpleasant odours, but clever marketing over the last decade has brought a complete change in consumer perceptions of the category's purpose. As home care manufacturers came to recognise the competitive advantage of offering new and unusual fragrances in their ranges in order to drive sales, scent innovations brought about more experiential and complex fragrances, resulting in a shift in focus for the entire air care category.
Consumers no longer turn to air care products only when there are nasty smells to be removed or masked; they now buy into the category when they want to enhance the environment in their homes. A category that once could have been considered almost a commodity used only out of necessity has been subtly transformed into a category deeply connected to consumers' emotions.
The scent of success
Although one of the most expensive ingredients in any home care product, fragrances are worth manufacturers' investment in terms of time and money as they are extremely important to a product's success. A unique scent can be a powerful differentiator, giving a product the edge in an otherwise saturated market. Fragrance is a crucial factor in the consumer's final purchase decision and it is vital manufacturers are on top of shifting scent trends.
What is popular now?
While lavender remains the favourite global fragrance in air care, current trends at the forefront of scent innovations in developed markets can broadly be divided into two categories: Firstly, there are clean fragrances with a strong link with nature and the environment; and secondly,...

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