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Air Force Project Stumbles

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Air Force Project Stumbles

Answer the following questions:

Why did the Air Force decide to cancel the project to modernize its logistics software?

Because the Air Force has realized that it would cost another $1 billion to achieve one quarter of the originally planned capabilities. Also, the system would not be fully ready before 2020.

What were the factors that made this project so difficult? Wasn't this just the implementation of a packaged software system?

The main concerns may be a failure to meet a basic requirement for successful implementation: having “a single accountable leader” who “has the authority and willingness to exercise the authority to enforce all necessary changes to the business required for successful fielding of the software.”

“They got there because they had strong leadership who committed to the program and had the authority to make the changes necessary for success, but it’s rare that a single leader in the Department of Defense has the authority over the span of activities”

Discuss what type(s) of Information System(s) were likely part of the project: Transaction Processing? Management Information? Decision Support?

The project is an Integrated Management System. It’s an enterprise application used by Air Force to manage the totality of its processes.

An integrated management system combines all related components of a business into one system for easier management and operations.

Discuss which of the factors that IS projects fail that we mentioned last week seem relevant to this example.

Incomplete requirements and specifications; Lack of executive support; Technology incompetence; Incomplete requirements.

List the most important leadership & management mistakes you see on the project, why you think they were critical, and how they…...

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