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Preventive maintenance can be described as maintenance of equipment or system before fault occurs. It can be divided into two groups:

Preventive maintenance is conducted to keep equipment working and/or extend the life of equipment.

1. Planned Maintenance:

2. Condition Based Maintenance:


• Check for dirty filter

• Check for if all sensors on the unit are reading correctly. For example, supply air temp sensor, supply air static pressure sensor, supply air humidity sensor, zone temperature sensor etc.

• Check if the heating valve is passing water when valve is closed. Water flow must be stopped when valve is closed.

• Check for incoming water temperature at the valve.

• Check the heating valve operation by overriding it open and close.

• Check supply fan belt condition

• Check lubrication on supply fan.

• Check all damper position when fan is running. Fresh air damper must be open when fan is running.

Fan Coil Unit:

• Check for dirty filter

• Check lubrication on supply fan

• Check heating and cooling valve by overriding it open and close.

• Check if the heating valve or cooling valve is passing water when valve is closed. Water flow must be stopped when valve is closed.

• Check for incoming water temperature at heating and cooling valve.

• Make sure all sensor are reading correctly.

Why the need for preventive maintenance?

A. Preventive maintenance is completed to keep equipment working and/or extend the life of equipment.

The benefits of preventive maintenance?

A. Keep building maintenance cost low. Less complains from building occupants. Keep equipment running and extend the life of equipments.

The impact of preventative maintenance on a building IAQ and overall efficiency?

A. Keep electricity cost low. For example, variable frequency drive could run at higher speed if static pressure sensor is not reading correctly. Indoor air quality (IAQ) can be can be improved by having filter change on time.

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