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Action plan & proposed environmental management system for Aitken Spence printing

Aitken Spence group of companies undertake by it's co-operate policy to ensure the sustainable development through environment friendly manner.

Co-operate vision state "We understand co-operate sustainability as a proactive approach to ensure the long term viability, profitability and integrity of the business by optimizing resource use and managing environmental & social impacts. As a diversified business group operating in several countries, we remain committed to continue our legacy of exemplary co-operate citizenship by aligning our sustainable strategies with global initiatives on sustainable development."

In order to achieve our co-operate vision Aitken Spence strive to

➢ Exceed all legal and other requirement for the sustainable operation and development of the company

➢ Facilitate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the principles of the United Nations Goal Compact

➢ Conduct all business in an ethical manner and encourage and support our partners to conduct business ethically

➢ Engage with stakeholders, consider their opinions at all stages of planning and operations

➢ Encourage supply chains to implement sustainable strategies and manage them

➢ Inculcate sustainability concept and views in strategic decision-making

➢ Use sustainable processes in organizational operations considering all relevant risks

➢ Promote innovation in the process and products & services provided to the customers.

➢ Continually enhance quality of products, services and value provided to customers while ensuring profitability

➢ Use environmental management system in all organizational operation and activities and commit to prevent pollution

➢ Get involved in community development projects and ensure employee participation

➢ Support local communities by providing employment and purchasing from local suppliers whenever possible

➢ Use the occupational health and safety management system as a basis to provide

employees with a safe and healthy working environment

➢ Harness strong and competitive human resource

➢ Eliminate all type of discrimination at all levels

➢ Set sustainability related targets / programs, monitor and review performances in an attempt to set a culture of continual improvement

➢ Annual management review of performance and future planning

➢ Report performance in a timely and accurate manner for the benefit of our stakeholders

As one of the main subsidiary of the Aitken Spence group Aitken Spence printing currently function it operation under the co-operate objectives & strive to drive with environmental management system. The main idea of such practices to minimize the environmental impact via factory operation.

To drive with the system we stated our environmental policy as " Aitken Spence printing is a commercial printing organization committed to excellence, quality and leadership in all tis activities whilst respecting its relationship with the natural environment by acknowledging the adverse impact that its human activities can impose and taking action to prevent degradation of our natural systems."

Company aims to achieve its policy through,

➢ Complying with relevant environmental legislation and adhering to agreements and standards at local, national and international levels.

➢ Setting and communicating meaningful environmental objectives, which are to be reviewed periodically for all significant aspects of the company and manage usage of natural resource in order to minimize and prevent adverse environmental impacts.

➢ Incorporating environmental sustainability principles in to all institutional activities in order to educate, communicate and provide awareness to stakeholders.

➢ Reducing waste, conserve energy and explore opportunities for re-use and recycling

➢ Fostering environmentally responsible culture throughout the organization and encourage Directors, Employees, Contractors, Customers and suppliers to develop new ideas and initiatives.

According to the company environmental policy we identified all our significant aspects.
Such as:

1. Use of electricity

2. Use of water & Generation of waste water

3. Use of chemicals & fuel

4. Generation of waste papers

5. Generation of solid waste

By analysing the significant component company took strive decision, precaution and strategies to minimize the effect to the environment form such components.

1. Use of electricity

In order to carry out efficient energy management we under-go periodic energy audit. With help of the survey current facility implement follows to optimize the power consumption.

➢ Replace all tangston (W) filament bulbs to florescence bulbs

➢ Evaluating the lax level reduced amount of light units in the facility

➢ Introduced Big-switch off policy to the company

➢ Work instruction are given to all the employees regarding electricity conservation

➢ Upgrade the resistor bank to reduce kVA.

➢ Replace all the mechanical balusters by electronic balusters.

After transferring to the new factory at Mawaramandiya, we proposed to reduce our electricity usage by,

➢ All garden and street lighting by solar power

➢ Increase the usage of daylight by using transparent roofing tiles (specially in raw material and finish good stores).

➢ Use centralized air conditioning system for efficient energy management

➢ Minimize unnecessary space in the press in order to minimize the air conditioning area.

➢ Natural ventilation system is used for other production area.

➢ Place PLC system to electronically control the air conditioning units.

➢ All lighting units will be light emitting diode units.

➢ Plane to eliminate lift operation

➢ Plane the lighting system by motion sensors.

➢ Vertical bands are replaced by heat reflecting stickers for all possible glass windows enables the free flow of natural light to the facility.

2. Use of water & Generation of waste water

We took many precautionary actions to minimize the water loss inside the facility by,

➢ Pressure gain & reducing system for all water dispensing systems to reduce water waste

➢ Plan to reduce the volume of the water storage tank of the commodes. Still carry-out pilot running of the operation

Up coming factory consist of many water conservation technique such as;

➢ Rain water harvesting system

➢ Push lock type water dispensers are planed to use in all water dispensing units

➢ Minimize water pumping requirement by using gravity flow technique

➢ Drop irrigation technique is planed to use for the available garden in the factory.

➢ Affluent water treatment plant will construct within the factory premises to treat affluent water release in the facility

3. Use of chemicals & fuel

As per the industry usage of chemical are essential. Some chemical has high amount of toxicity to the natural environment if they do not expel properly to the natural environment. Current practice regarding the chemical waste as follows

➢ Used plate developers are sold to manual plate developing personnels

➢ Used roller wash chemicals are sold as mini furnace oil

➢ Waste ink are sold to smaller printers for their printing needs

➢ Used aluminium plates sold to recycling plants for recycling the material

➢ All chemical containers are sold to recycle plants for recycling the material

➢ We are in a process to use bio-degradable chemicals in all possible applications

Same procedures are planed to follow in the new factory to eliminate toxic waste contaminating the natural resource. With contrast to aforesaid factors we are planed to reduce fork lift operation by 90%. This help to reduce the usage of fuel and minimize the air pollution. Stores built within the facility to minimize the fuel usage for the transporting the raw material. In addition to that all our main suppliers are located near to the factory. Its help to reduce our fuel usage in considerable manner.

4. Generation of waste papers

Printing industry generates massive amount of waste paper to the natural environment. We plan to reduce it by using special planing technique. These technique consist of,

➢ Customer oriented paper & board ordering

➢ Prepress planning undertake to reduce maximum amount of material for the work

➢ Residues (bale) send to recycling plant

➢ Off-cut sold to small scale printers for manufacture greeting cards & other printing needs.

Proposed environmental impacts reduction by implementing aforesaid procedures can be express as follows.
1. Electricity consumption (as per last six month average data) Eliminating lift operation = 1270 kWh Using centralized air conditioning system = 5000 kWh Rearranging switching system = 5 kWh Reducing water pump to pump water = 150 kWh Appling solar panels for street & garden light = 200 kWh

Total reduction = 6625 kWh Monthly consumption electricity (as per current usage) = 100000 kWh Proposed reduction % (as per current usage) = 6.625%

2. Consumption of water(as per last six month average data) Total water usage = 600 m3 Proposed saving = 20 m3 Proposed reduction % (to be confirmed) = 3.33%

3. Fuel consumption (with in the factory, as per last six month average data) Usage of fork lift = 275 L Proposed reduction = 250 L Proposed reduction % = 90% Raw material transport = 100 L Proposed reduction = 100 L Proposed reduction % = 100%

4. Chemical consumption (as per last six month average data) Sell as used roller wash = 20 L (1.4%) Sell as used ink = 35 kg

5. Paper consumption (as per last six month average data) Monthly consumption = 350000 kg Waste paper = 89790 kg Off cut paper- nonprinted = 3500 kg Off cut paper- printed = 1500 kg Total waste paper = 94790 kg waste paper % (as per current usage) = 27%
Precautionary actions are testing for reduction of the waste paper. Plane to reduce it up to 10% level.

Proposal is for the proposed factory in Mavaramandiya, which planned to be in operation end of 2011.

This document stipulated upon request of the customer.All the details included in the document are within the company & co-operate legal boundaries. Willingness displayed form the data presented in the document entrusted to the company regulation nothing to be desired.

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