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Aircraft Landing/Departure Process

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Aircraft Landing/Departure process
The process every airplane goes through is very complicated and depends on many things. For the purposes of simplicity, this project demonstrates the simplified process that wide body aircrafts go through once they touch down in Airports until they leave again.
The total time the plane stays on the ground from the point of arrival to departure is 2-2.5 hours. Once the aircraft lands, it takes 5-15 minutes to reach its bay. After that, we are splitting events relevant to arrival, then departure.
Arrival: First of all, the chocks are put on. These are blocks that stop the plane from moving and/or rolling backwards. Once they are attached, the following events take place simultaneously. The boarding bridge is attached (1-3mins), and passengers (PAX) disembark the plane (10-15mins). Two types of hi-loaders are used: One is for catering (that stays there for two hours), and water & toilet carts hi-loader (30 mins). The ground power unit, air conditioning unit, conveyor belt (for luggage) and tractor are all used for the full duration (2-2.5 hours). Fuel takes around 30 minutes. Bags that are destinated to arrive at the airport are taken out of their pallets, put onto the conveyer belt then taken via tractor to the terminal to be put onto the other conveyer belt accessible to passengers in time for them to come after passing through passport control.
Departure: Once all the above steps have been taken, we start the departure process. Passengers check in (3-4hours in total). Bags are checked in then go through the Bag Reconciliation System (30 mins). This ensures every bag is labeled and makes its destination known. Next, bags are segregated and palletized (30 mins) so each pallet has bags that are going to the same destination and are taken to the aircraft via tractor and conveyer belts. Hand baggage collection...

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