Aircraft Maintenance

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Module 3 Aircraft Systems and Aircraft Maintenance

Learning Objective #10 Determine the requirements for maintenance records, compliance with Airworthiness Directives (AD), preventive maintenance, and alterations.

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The Savvy Aviator
While browsing the Internet and reading through various FAA websites, I came across a column by a passionate pilot that likes to spread the good, educated, aviation word. I chose column #23: Maintenance Records highlighting the importance of detailed and accurate records, and compliance with FARs. One thing I found refreshing was how casual the author speaks to his audience, yet delivers a wealth of knowledge that is typically only gained through years of experience, both on and off the ground. The author goes into great detail as to what is required from the regulatory sense and what is required per good pilot and mechanic sense. He further breaks it down by addressing complying with airworthiness directives and how to annotate them properly, alterations and the depth at which they need to be captured, and preventive and routine maintenance.
I found this article to be very informative and challenged my current maintenance practices, both personally and professionally. The article was simplistic enough that the youngest of aviator or manager would glean the basics, and maybe a few inches deeper of aviation knowledge, and those that have been at this for more than a day or two have an excellent refresher and useful reference. I make it goal to follow the rabbit hole while browsing the web and once again, it delivered a gem. I look forward to reading the other columns published by this author and encourage you to do the same.…...