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Chapter 8 Security and Access Controls – A Conceptual Overview • Have an understanding of how users access accounting data and what access controls should be in place to protect this data from unauthorized access (i.e., be able to explain using two to four sentences how users can access accounting data and using two to four sentences to describe how to control this access, see the slide titled “Security and Access Controls – A Conceptual Overview”). Operating Systems Controls • What are the four operating systems control categories? (just list) • What does authentication do? (one sentence) • What are three types of log-on procedures? • What does authorization do? (one sentence) • What is an access token? (one sentence) • What is an access control list? (one sentence) o What is the relation between access tokens and access control lists? (one or two sentences) • What are the three audit procedures for antivirus software (just list)? • What are the five types of antivirus software? • What are antivirus scanners looking for? Network Controls • What are three network threat and what network security measures can be used to address these threats? (list pairs of threat and security measures) • What are firewalls? (two or three sentences) • What are network level firewalls and application level firewalls (two sentences), and what is the difference between them (one or two sentences)? o How does a dual-homed firewall work (describe this by explaining what each of the three firewall components do)? • What are intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems (two sentences), what is the difference between them (one or two sentences) o which one provides the best protection against denial-of-service attacks (name one)? o What is a DOS Attack? How does a SYN Flood Attack work? • What does data encryption do with clear text messages? (one sentence) • What is data...

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