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1997 to 2004, the Yili has three competitors: “the Wall’s” is the world’s largest ice cream maker;
In 1996, Nestle will also be their headquarters in China, moved to Beijing from Hong Kong, Meanwhile in Tianjin and Qingdao invested heavily in the construction of modern ice cream production line; "New World" is a weak competitor. In Yili’s operators who view these competitors have changed from the previous domestic counterparts for foreign famous ice cream brand, compared with them, and Erie in the strength of enterprises, product awareness there is still a considerable gap. Beijing, in early May, these companies advertising plastered ice cream products, refrigerated truck have been in the capital's bustling streets, poster, posters are all over the streets.
Most dealers said, “the wall’s” and “Nestle” positioning have a considerable distance to ordinary people’s income levels, Two yuan more products that people ask to buy less, and 6-8 per product is rarely cares. In contrast, two yeas ago, Yili ice cream, it with the market position of “high quality at competitive prices,” win the favor of many consumers. For most salaried consumers, they are in the choice of ice cream in addition to the delicious taste, the price is more important determinants. At this point, Yili is carters to needs of most people, they want to be able to take advantage of price on the same product, and in the same price to quality to win. Yili is able to quickly open the market in Beijing, is due to "low price, high quality," the avoidance strong positioning strategy. While been able to implement this low-cost location, also due the company did not take advantage of the many advantages of other companies:
Energy, coal in Beijing is about 150-160 yuan per ton, while the Inner Mongolia region is only 70-80 yuan; Electricity, staff wages, Inner Mongolia is also much cheaper than Beijing. In...

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